Evergage Launches B2B Detect for Site Personalization

Real-time Web personalization platform provider Evergage has updated its Web site marketing solution with functionality that can personalize site content based on a visitor's company and industry. In the past, Evergage's customization capabilities relied primarily on a visitor's behavior, geolocation and device, but recent updates have expanded the platform's depth.

"We've always delivered personalized content based on the visitor's actions on a Web site and other attributes, but we knew there was a need for a higher level of personalization," Andy Zimmerman, chief marketing officer at Evergage, explains. "Now, the personalization reaches much deeper, and can actually tell what company the visitor works for and target him with specific content that's relevant to that company and that industry," he adds.

The solution relies on IP address matching, which involves comparing the IP addresses of unknown visitors with a known addresses to determine if the two may be coming from the same company. B2B Detect runs a comparison of the IP address against a repository of millions of organizations and hundreds of North American Industry Classification System industry codes, and once a match is established, the solution can trigger Web content that has been designed for a specific company or industry. In a B2B environment, this enables organizations to present their offerings in a more contextualized way. For example, they can serve up case studies from companies that resemble the visitor's company, Zimmerman says. Organizations can also deliver more personalized pricing offers and further customize other Web content as well.

"With the ability to identify visitors arriving on their sites, Evergage B2B Detect enables companies to adjust their Web site messaging for target industries or even specific prospect organizations, engaging them faster with more relevant experiences," Karl Wirth, CEO and co-founder of Evergage, said in a company statement. "B2B Detect coupled with the marketer-friendly, behavior-based personalization capabilities of the Evergage Platform provides a more comprehensive and cost-effective approach to Web personalization for B2B companies, particularly when compared to alternatives like Demandbase," he added.

Though the solution is built primarily for Evergage's B2B customers, Zimmerman says the new personalization capabilities will benefit its B2C clients as well. The company works with a number of customers of varying sizes and across different industries, and Zimmerman maintains that the solution can deliver results across the board. "We work with mid- to large-sized customers, and regardless of size, personalizing the Web experience is important to them," Zimmerman says.

In addition to launching the IP detection tool, Evergage has strengthened its geolocation and geotargeting features as well. With the enhancements, retailers can boost local marketing efforts by suggesting nearby locations based on a visitor's zip code. "We're constantly improving our solutions and finding ways to make the personalization more accurate and effective," Zimmerman says.

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