• September 23, 2015

Evergage Launches Mobile Apps Solution

Evergage, a provider of real-time personalization, today unveile Evergage for Mobile Apps, a solution that shines light on mobile app user behavior and provides actionable, real-time information so digital marketers can engage users with relevant, personalized experiences.

With Evergage, marketers can now obtain insights into user behavioral attributes, preferences, and intent across all digital channels and act on that data in the moment, delivering a consistent, individualized experience whether someone is traversing their Web sites, Web apps, mobile sites, or mobile apps.

"We're excited about the new Evergage for Mobile Apps capabilities," said Molly Baab, director of product management at Rue La La, an e-commerce lifestyle destination, in a statement. "The ability to use a single system to track our members' behavior on either our Web site or mobile app and then use that data for real-time personalization is phenomenal. This will allow us to have a complete view of our increasingly mobile customer base and, at the same time, boost loyalty and purchase rates by delivering consistent experiences regardless of channel."

With Evergage for Mobile Apps, marketers can deliver relevant product and content recommendations to individuals in real time. Tapping into the power of the Evergage Platform, marketers can also conduct and manage personalization campaigns from a single cloud-based application.

Evergage for Mobile Apps features include the following:

  • Real-time behavioral tracking that logs mobile app user sessions, screen views, time spent per screen, product purchases, products added to carts, and product reviews posted.
  • Unified view of customers that lets users take insights gathered on mobile app users and apply the information to personalize user experiences on other channels, such as Web, and vice versa.
  • Centralized cross-channel data and campaign management that enables marketers to build segments, test and manage personalization campaigns, and access detailed reports, regardless of the channel used.
  • Single application from a single provider that ensures all data is available in real time from a common database environment. In addition, all personalization features are part of a single-vendor solution.
  • Evergage's core capabilities, applied to a mobile app environment, that allows companies to use all key personalization features, including behavioral testing, real-time segmentation and targeting, A/B and multivariate testing, individualized product and content recommendations, statistical analysis, and attribution reporting, with Web and mobile app users.

"As mobile traffic continues to grow, it's increasingly important for people researching, browsing, or shopping on a mobile app to have a seamless, consistent experience with a brand," said Karl Wirth, Evergage's CEO, in a statement. "Driven by marketing and user imperatives, Evergage for Mobile Apps makes this vision a reality. Customers can unleash the power of Evergage, including tracking and personalization within their mobile app environments and save time and increase effectiveness by not having to use two different tools--one for Web and one for mobile. No matter which channel a visitor is using, that person gets an optimized and relevant experience to drive greater satisfaction, repeat visits, and purchases."

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