• March 15, 2016

Evergage Launches SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort

Evergage, a real-time personalization platform company, today released Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort to aid in product and content discovery.

The new search and sort capabilities are being offered as standard features of Evergage Recommend and empower marketers to use their existing algorithms/personalization recipes set up in Evergage Recommend or create new ones.

With Evergage SmartSearch, when visitors begin typing terms into Web site search bars, auto-suggested product images and details will appear. The products shown can be based on current session interests, past purchases, brand affinities, price range preferences, and more.

After searching for items or going to category pages or listings, Evergage SmartSort will present visitors with products or articles organized and prioritized by relevance according to their individual preferences and intent.

With both Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort, marketers can build, deploy, and test recipes against one another to ensure performance optimization. The solutions also offer complete attribution reporting, enabling marketers to measure true click-to-purchase conversion value.

Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort "deliver a more relevant shopping or browsing experience to each visitor and improve product and content discovery," said Karl Wirth, CEO and co-founder of Evergage, in a statement. "To provide helpful and effective recommendations, we strongly believe that you need to weave together disparate sources of information, as well as machine learning and predictive intelligence capabilities. Doing this, and with the additional capabilities announced today, we're thrilled to offer personal shopper-like experiences and one-on-one recommendations that make every visit truly one of a kind."

Combining the power of deep behavioral tracking with multi-layered machine learning algorithms, the new functionality fits together with Evergage SmartHistory, another component of Evergage Recommend that enables visitors to see recently viewed items ordered according to their level of interest and engagement.

"Given our rapid inventory turnover, it's important that we provide our shoppers with an enjoyable, efficient, and personalized experience, making it easy for them to find and select the items they want on their device at hand," said Catherine Bassett, senior product manager at Rue La La, in a statement. "We've had great success with Evergage Recommend, increasing conversions by up to 15 percent across multiple campaigns, and we look forward to implementing the new personalized search and sort capabilities. By enabling visitors to instantly find the items that are most relevant to them based on their interests and our available inventory we can deliver even more helpful and engaging shopping interactions."

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