• November 16, 2016

Evergage Releases Guardian, a Marketing Monitoring Tool

Evergage, providers of a real-time personalization platform, today unveiled Evergage Guardian, which uses advanced machine learning technology to provide marketers with up-to-the-minute data, performance visualizations, and proactive suggestions for improving digital interactions with customers across websites and mobile apps.

Evergage Guardian reviews thousands of metrics to uncover insights and surface optimization opportunities in real time, as well as potential issues.

"We are always looking for new, exciting ways to engage with our customers and improve efficiencies, but sifting through and analyzing all the website, campaign, and customer data on a day-to-day basis is challenging," said James Rhee, chairman and CEO of fashion and lifestyle company Ashley Stewart, in a statement. "But, with Evergage Guardian, our marketing team now has an automated way to identify and prioritize trends in our data so we can capitalize on every opportunity to more effectively tailor interactions with each customer and troubleshoot when needed."

Evergage Guardian leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to give marketers insight into website, email, and app performance, their campaigns, potential hiccups, and opportunities for improvement. It provides the following:

  • Business Activity and Goal Monitoring: Using pattern detection to identify the unique pulse of each business' digital properties, Evergage Guardian continuously monitors and recognizes variations between normal and abnormal traffic, campaigns, business goals, and performance patterns. Operating in real time, Evergage Guardian is monitoring, predicting, analyzing, and correlating tens of thousands of signals per site or app, including segment, campaign, attribute, channel, key goal, and key metric performance.
  • Opportunity Recognition: The continuous monitoring of behavior, key data and events, combined with advanced predictive data science, enables Evergage Guardian to project metrics to help marketers optimize current and future performance. This not only includes personalization opportunities, such as which segments should be targeted or which recommendation strategy should be tuned, but also other opportunities, such as email or PPC campaign performance.
  • Problem Identification: Evergage Guardian can alert both marketing and IT users about performance slowdowns and its potential impact on revenue.?
  • Automated Prioritization by Business Impact and Role: Opportunities and problems uncovered by Evergage Guardian are weighted against the magnitude of their impact on the unique metrics for each business and each marketer’s role. This helps marketers understand which signals they should prioritize in support of the business. Prioritized problems and opportunities can even be emailed to the relevant people.

"To date, our clients have used Evergage's in-depth campaign attribution and customer analytics to identify opportunities and spot problems, but they have been limited by the time their teams could spend doing analysis," said Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage, in a statement. "With this in mind, Evergage Guardian was conceived to serve as their guardian angel, looking out for them by vigilantly monitoring and identifying opportunities and potential issues buried in the data."

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