• November 24, 2014

Evergage Adds Personalized Experience Management to Visual Editor

Evergage today released new personalized experience management capabilities in its Evergage Visual Editor real-time personalization platform. The functionality lets marketers create targeted campaigns that personalize any aspect of an individual's experience on a computer or mobile device, and deliver varied content based on persona, behavioral segment, or test group. As a result, Web sites can guide visitors through cohesive, relevant buyer journeys with targeted messages, interactions, and promotions; while Web applications can direct users to relevant features, offers, and next steps.

"Until today, we as an industry have spent vast amounts to get people into our digital experiences, and we've put a lot into making the digital experience good enough for everyone in order to accomplish our goals," said Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage, in a statement. "But what we haven't been able to do is make a customized experience for each individual person, which means it hasn't been maximally relevant or impactful for any one individual, so we're left with low conversion rates, poor customer retention, and minimal time on site. Personalization is the answer. Making the digital experience the best for each person will make it relevant, meaningful, and memorable for them; therefore, we can accomplish our engagement, conversion, and retention goals."

With the new personalized experience management capabilities, marketers and customer success professionals can visually make inline changes to text or colors, hide or show certain elements, replace static pictures with dynamic images, and target these changes to different audience segments. They can also group multiple messages and inline content changes into one experience targeted to a particular behavioral segment and measured against a control group. Further, multiple experiences can comprise a broader campaign that can be targeted to different personas based on behavioral rules.

For example, a B2B marketer can create a campaign that detects an individual's persona and alters the home page just for him. Or an e-commerce site can show first-time visitors the category of products they've spent the most time browsing, while repeat visitors will see the category of products from which they';ve bought the most.

"I am excited to have the opportunity to easily build, view, and report on campaigns created for each persona that we target," said Eileen Chow, online marketing campaign specialist at sales enablement solutions company Brainshark, in a statement. "Evergage really puts me in control of tailoring the digital experience for our site visitors, and the new personalized experience management functionality will give me just the type of power I need to tailor content at the individual level and exceed our conversion goals."

In addition, Evergage offers full-featured A/B testing functionality to allow marketers to test multiple variations of dynamic contextual experiences or messages to determine which version most effectively engages Web visitors or logged-in users. Evergage's experience-based reporting tool enables marketers to easily and clearly track results of campaigns, experiences or control groups across a variety of marketing goals.

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