TIBCO Software Introduces Latest Version of Its Fast Data Platform

Business intelligence software provider TIBCO Software has launched an updated version of its fast data platform that promises to offer integration, analytics, and event processing capabilities for "all data," including data that comes from on-premises solutions, the cloud, the Web, big data sources, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things, according to Thomas Been, the company's vice president of product marketing.

"We're allowing our customers to capture data from the CRM system, or from any of the other channels they use, understand that data, and use analytics to be able to apply decisions in real time. We know our customers aren't living in just one channel because their customers aren't living in just one channel, and they need a solution that can look across the board," Been says.

What makes TIBCO's revamped solution uniquely powerful, he explains, is its Spotfire Recommendation engine. The solution can analyze data to find points of interest and "do part of the work for you" when it comes to pinpointing the areas that require marketers' attention. It also has a visualization functionality that makes it easier to pick up on areas that might go unnoticed without a visual representation.

TIBCO's new Simplr tool now also allow for deeper integration with other applications, such as Salesforce.com and Marketo, social networks, and independent analytics tools. No existing infrastructure is needed for the integrations to take place, and marketers or sales teams can connect to applications quickly and intuitively, Been says.

The vendor's Engage platform, which allows users to connect data sources and leverage TIBCO's analytics tools to define how that insight should be used, has added functionality as well. In the past, marketers were able to use the software to engage with their customers by offering them specific deals via email or by distributing loyalty points to them for certain behaviors. With the improvements in place, however, marketers can now also use geolocation and beacon technology to better connect with customers on their mobile devices.

"Mobile is becoming a critical piece of marketing strategy, and we're giving marketers the ability to engage their customers through this very important channel. We're also making the engagements faster, and, as a result, more effective," Been says.

Moving forward, TIBCO plans to maintain focus on its commitment to strengthening its real-time analytics platform as well as making analytics and insight more actionable for marketers. "Analytics used to be just for the experts, but that's not the case anymore. That's not to say that everyone else hasn't been using data. They have been, but typically in the form of Microsoft Excel. Now, we're giving them a solution that offers a lot more insight, and always in the right context," Been says. "Basically, we're about getting rid of everything that gets in the way, and providing what works," he adds.

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