BetterWorks Integrates with Salesforce

Enterprise goal platform provider BetterWorks is now integrated with Salesforce and promises to add flexibility to goal management and execution. The software allows managers to both automatically and manually add goals to the system and track employees' progress in reaching the set goals. Employees can also self-monitor their performance and keep up with tasks. Though the solution is built for a number of different use cases, it will be particularly effective for sales teams, Kris Duggan, CEO of BetterWorks, says.

"Our aim was to build a software platform that would allow users to manage goals more effectively. In the sales environment, that means checking on sales progress, checking appointments, checking bookings goals, and watching deals. It gives the sales team and their managers more visibility into what's going on," Duggan says. The company is still fairly new, but has already supported over 65,000 goals through its system.

With a Salesforce integration in place, BetterWorks will now be available on the Salesforce AppExchange. For BetterWorks customers, that means that Salesforce data can now be sent directly to the system and can automatically be used as credit toward fulfilling certain goals, such as sales quotas. The "powerful" thing about the integration between the two is that while the connection to Salesforce will provide highly structured sales data, users will still be able to manually add other, unstructured goals. The integration provides a "best-of-both-worlds scenario," Duggan explains, and it accounts for sales metrics and goals that are harder to quantify using only Salesforce tools. 

"There's always a handful of key things that salespeople need to do to be successful in a given quarter, and sometimes these are things that you can't necessarily put into Salesforce. In that case, you can still have manual intervention. For example, one goal could be to 'brief ten clients on a new product feature' or something similar. That's an important measure of success," Duggan says.  

BetterWorks is also working on rolling out an app for the Apple Watch and positioning the company as a "FitBit for work," according to Duggan. The idea is minimize the invasiveness of traditional performance tracking or goal management tools and systems and make the process more seamless and innate to employees’ day-to-day tasks and activities.

"You don't have to manually put data into FitBit. It tracks your activity levels and syncs them automatically. At the same time, you can log in on your phone or computer and add certain things that aren't updated automatically. We want to add the same kind of flexibility and efficiency to goal management," Duggan says. The Apple Watch app is built and ready to go, he adds, and will be available for download soon. 

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