FirstRain Releases Personal Business Analytics for Sales 2.0 on Salesforce’s AppExchange

FirstRain further expanded its integration with Salesforce today, launching its Personal Business Analytics for Sales 2.0 on the AppExchange.

Personal Business Analytics, which has been available through Salesforce1 since last June, is designed to give salespeople and marketers sharper insights into their customers and related opportunities.

"Version 2 brings personalized analytics to the users, directly on the homepage of the CRM platform, and on the accounts and opportunities pages," Penny Herscher, president and CEO of FirstRain, says. "[It] produces analytics that are about the customer's business, the opportunities, and the product lines that they’re selling." One way it does this is by taking into account competitors, business trends in specific regions of the world, and details about what’s driving the state of the market. "If you're either prospecting new customers, or driving your renewal base, or your customer engagement renewal base, what we do is we prompt our users with very specific smart context," she adds. "It creates energy behind the outreach of the salespeople."

Drawing on information aggregated from across the Web, the platform filters news associated with prospects to provide sale reps with a clear road map for action. Top prospects are automatically ranked in order of importance, which can help businesses prioritize.  The interface is equipped with sections labeled "Deal Breakers,""Accelerators," and "Reasons to check in" which clue reps into the potential risks or benefits of calling a company at a certain time. A salesperson might be notified, for instance, about a management change or business expansion that could give him a reason to pick up the phone and call the company. Special sections labeled "talking points" help reps determine what might be worth discussing in conversation.

Herscher also mentions that product can be used by marketers and lead generation specialists who are trying to figure out how to deal with their leads. If a marketer wishes to message to a CMO, the system takes into consideration what the CMO has been talking about relative to the product his or her company is marketing.

All of these functions are activated "based on the product that the salesperson is selling," Herscher highlights. "If a person is selling cloud services, they're interested in different triggers than if they're selling pipeline infrastructure, and FirstRain's version 2.0 Salesforce integration figures that out automatically."

The product is available as an add-on for Salesforce, through its AppExchange. It costs $70 per user per month for up to 100 users, and at a discounted price for companies with more members. "We discount quite aggressively in volume," Herscher says, "because you want your whole sales team to make use of this capability."

Personal Business Analytics 2.0 is also available on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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