Preact Integrates with Zendesk App

Customer success platform provider Preact has integrated its solution with Zendesk, a company that offers cloud-based customer service. With the addition of Preact functionality, customer support agents that rely on Zendesk can now gain access to customer information that reaches beyond the scope of a support ticket to include context on the overall health of the customer relationship.

On its own, Preact offers a solution for subscription-based businesses that enables users to take proactive actions depending on whether their customer relationships are in bad or good health. Those that are in bad health are maintained through reinforcement messaging, while those that are in good health are cultivated through upselling and cross-selling, according to Mike Saldi, chief customer officer at Preact. By incorporating these capabilities to the Zendesk app, companies will empower their support agents and make them potentially more effective at their job, Saldi says.

"Customer support is one of the top five reasons for customer churn," he explains, "and the reason that many customers get frustrated with the support they receive is because a lot of the time, support providers are dealing with tickets blindly. All they see is that ticket, but they don't get a lot of context. They don't necessarily know what happened before or after. With Preact, customer support agents can have access to the same kind of information that customer success managers have," he adds.

Moving forward, Saldi says he expects the integration to deepen. Zendesk and Preact want to eventually expand the app to offer more insight and in-depth analysis of customer activity; for example, users will eventually be able to determine how much of a "power user" a customer is. Saldi also forecasts a blending of customer-facing roles and increasing overlap among customer support agents, customer success managers, marketers, and sales teams.

"Traditionally, customer success managers have been tasked with adoption or upselling, but we could potentially see customer support agents helping with adoption somewhere down the line," Saldi says, adding that the goal is to ensure that customers are receiving the best content and support at every touch point.

Giving support agents the tools necessary for moving customer relationships forward is key, mainly because they are often the people that customers interact with the most. "Right now it's about helping support teams move from just being reactive agents to being a combination of reactive and proactive agents. That's what's best for the customer and for customers' businesses," Saldi says.

"We believe customer service is more powerful when it is personal and proactive," Maxine Prades, senior manager of platform marketing at Zendesk, agreed in a company statement. "Our partnership with Preact helps companies better understand how their customers behave and get straight to what matters most—better customer service and more meaningful conversations."

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