InsideView Builds Platform, Partners with ConnectUp and Kairos

Though the company started out as a sales intelligence application, InsideView has evolved to become a platform that connects with third-party applications and systems integrators, extending its features to a wider group of users. Since expanding its offering with a new marketing solution about two years ago, InsideView has continued to build out its ecosystem with increased functionality. Today, it announced partnerships with ConnectUp, a business networking mobile application, and Kairos, a systems integrator and consulting firm.

"We're in the business of aggregating structured and unstructured data. We do that by scraping websites, finding editorial data, and going through other sources. Once it goes through our data engine, it gets filtered and organized.  I call us the data washing machine," says Heidi Tucker, vice president of global alliances at InsideView. "Once the data is nice and clean and ready to be viewed, it gets pushed out to Insideview for sales and marketing, and can now be pushed out to other applications, such as ConnectUp," she adds.

Thanks to its integration with InsideView, ConnectUp will now help salespeople connect with contacts when they're on the road. The application pulls in contact information from a variety of sources, including a user's email address book, social channels, and other resources, to zero in on locations and addresses. When salespeople visit a region on business, ConnectUp can alert them to any contacts who live in the area. But with InsideView's sales intelligence platform working in the background, those contacts can become geographically relevant sales leads.

In addition to building up an API framework, InsideView is also working on forging partnerships with systems integrators such as Kairos. Kairos's primary focus is CRM integration, and by partnering with InsideView, Kairos is aiming to eliminate a number of obstacles that stand in the way.

Companies that transition to new CRM system, for instance, are often plagued by bad or outdated data, a lack of adoption by users, and an insufficient number of quality leads, according to Tucker.  "When we work with Kairos, Kairos can access data directly to solve some of those problems. For example, if a customer is trying to migrate to a system but has bad data, Kairos can now put that data through our washing machine during that initial move, and can keep data consistently refreshed," Tucker says.

Adoption improves as well because salespeople are "actually being given something they want." With InsideView, there's no need to enter data manually into the CRM system because the platform "does all the data pushing and heavy lifting," according to Tucker. InsideView users see an average boost of about 50 percent in CRM adoption rates, she adds.

Moving forward, InsideView will continue to focus on growth and is eager to extend its platform through new partnerships and integrations. "This is only the beginning for us," Tucker says. 

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