Marketo Integrates with InsideView Target To Streamline List Importing

Market intelligence software provider InsideView has integrated its audience segmentation solution, Target, with Marketo’s automation platform to cut down on the time between creating a target audience and executing a marketing campaign. Prior to the integration, building an actionable audience list for Marketo required exporting data from InsideView, importing it into Marketo’s ecosystem, and filtering data to ensure there are no duplicates before sending out campaign emails. With the two solutions now linked, transferring an InsideView audience list to Marketo takes only one click, Marc Perramond, vice president of product management at InsideView, says.

“Marketers waste a lot of time moving data from place to place,” Perramond says. “That’s time that’s better spent working on campaigns and content. By using InsideView Target, they’re able to build highly segmented lists based on the far-reaching insights that [the solution offers], and save time on preparing those lists for a marketing automation platform,” he adds.

InsideView Target enables users to segment audience lists based on “firmographics,” social insights, demographics, business events attendance, professional connections, and, most recently, relevant news stories as well. “It’s more important than ever for marketers to deliver highly personalized messaging, because a higher level of relevancy ultimately results in better quality leads. That’s why InsideView Target relies on so many different areas for insight,” Perramond explains. The tool uses over 40,000 data sources, according to a company statement.

To transfer a set of contacts to Marketo for email outreach, InsideView users have to first sort their audience using a range of Target criteria, including industry, job title, and company size. Once the list is shortened from thousands of leads to a more manageable number, the user can narrow it down further by using the dynamic in-line filters in the Target sidebar, explains Adam Perry, director of product management at InsideView. The last step is clicking the “Sync with Marketo” button, which initiates the data transfer. Behind-the-scenes, the syncing process triggers deduping to ensure that no duplicates are transferred to Marketo. “If any duplicates are found, they’re automatically removed, and only original leads make it across to Marketo,” Perry says. An email notification confirms how many leads were ultimately imported into Marketo.

Though Marketo is the first automation platform fully integrated with InsideView Target, more integrations are coming soon, Perramond says. Eloqua and Marketo are market leaders in the email automation space, according to Perramond, and InsideView considered both carefully before choosing to integrate with Marketo first. “We have a close relationship with Marketo,” he says, adding that the two companies have already partnered on several events and projects. Still, Perramond confirmed that integrations for Eloqua, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft Dynamics are already in the works, and companies with custom marketing automation systems can already build their own integrations to the InsideView open platform using the InsideView API. “We are excited to offer this new integration capability to our customers,” Perramond says, “and we will continue to expand on it further with additional partners.” 

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