Gryphon Networks Adds Visibility to Its Sales Intelligence Platform

Gryphon Networks, a supplier of sales intelligence and marketing compliance tools, announced today an updated version of its Sales Intelligence platform, which aims to arm managers with more granular views of their reps’ call activity.

According to Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president of Gryphon Networks, the product will be particularly useful to leaders who oversee dispersed sales teams. Such outfits "can use the platform to identify the behavior patterns that make one rep successful and another unsuccessful, create a standard of behavior to coach away bad habits, and use it as a training and development tool," Esfahanian says.

Running as a cloud-based (SaaS) solution, the Sales Intelligence platform captures activity that occurs during sales calls at the network level and across any team, office, or region, regardless of the type of phone used. As agents make their calls, Gryphon's carrier-grade network intelligence records the audio and activity, enabling managers to interpret the outcomes of customer interactions. Managers can view the data that is pulled in real time through a customizable visual dashboard, and display screens can be adjusted to focus on whichever key performance indicators (e.g., call length, the hour a call was made) are deemed most important.

The new release includes Entity View, Campaign-level Reporting, and Outcome Effectiveness Ratios. Entity View allows managers to access individualized dashboards that correspond to each salesperson, allowing them to assess reps' performance in certain metrics and how they compare to other reps. The Campaign-level Reporting feature allows managers to track call activity according to each campaign, and the Outcome Effectiveness Ratios lay out call results against the total number of customer conversations.

According to Esfahanian, managers can leverage the tool to find information that might not be so apparent without a straightforward display. For instance, in comparing two regions' performance, say the Midwestern and the Northeast, a manager might discover that the Midwestern territory's methods are more effective. That manager can then take a closer look at various factors to determine why, and make changes accordingly. Additionally, managers can see how many calls a rep typically makes before getting an appointment, and how many calls a rep makes before abandoning an opportunity.

For Gryphon Networks, ease of use has been a key goal, and since it introduced Sales Intelligence in August of 2014, the company has been steadily adding to the platform while being wary of adding too much complexity to the mix. Esfahanian says that the updated release, which comes in response to customer requests for individualized views of each rep's activity, stays true to this mission in that it is "dead simple and easy as heck to understand, so a manager doesn't have to have any extra training or a technical [background] to understand it," Esfahanian says. "It's designed that way because we know that field sales managers don't have a team of people to comb through tons of columns and rows of data."

Sales Intelligence integrates with Salesforce.com's CRM system. It is available as a subscription model, with the prices of licenses ranging between $20 and $50, depending on the level of functionality included. (Some versions of the offering include recording and speech analytics capabilities, which some companies might prefer to opt out of for legal reasons.)

"We're going to keep driving the overall utility and effectiveness of the service," Esfahanian says. The next version of Sales Intelligence will include "suspicious activity tracking"—a new capability that will enable managers to see instantly what phone numbers were dialed an unusually high number of times, and whether or not a call was unusually long or short. 

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