• June 22, 2017

Gryphon Releases Gryphon App 7.5

Gryphon Networks, a provider of phone-based sales activity software and compliance services, has introduced Gryphon App 7.5, a CRM application for Salesforce.com, including full support for the Salesforce Lightning user interface.

The Gryphon App is a managed package available for Salesforce.com users. It combines telephony services with real-time dashboard views of calling activity and performance.

Building on the success of Gryphon App 7.0 released in April , the 7.5 release incorporates a seamless Lightning Experience for companies that have adopted Salesforce.com's latest user platform. Functionality is mirrored across both the Classic and Lightning interfaces. All inbound and outbound calling activities made through the Gryphon App for CRM are automatically logged in Gryphon’s Sales Performance Dashboard and standard Salesforce Activity History in real time.

Other features of the latest release include enhancements to Gryphon DialView, which provides users with a simplified list of phone numbers that have been certified as OK to call, so reps can dial straight down the list without interruption or changing views. For agents calling consumers, indemnified Do-Not-Call compliance certifies phone numbers in real-time right from the CRM system.

"Sales reps have had enough of technology efficiencies that seem to do little more than take more time away from talking to their customers," said Gryphon Networks' Chief Revenue Officer Eric Esfahanian in a statement. "Following on our last release less than 90 days ago, Gryphon App 7.5 brings together rock-solid tier-1 telephone communications with automated, bidirectional activity capture, mobility (VoiP, cellular or Wifi), and clear contextual visibility for managers to better coach, train, and onboard teams for consistent high performance."

Gryphon App is a component of the Gryphon Sales Intelligence System, an advanced telephony platform that provides sales leaders with a real-time window into their sales reps' phone-based effectiveness. The system includes customizable dashboards, compliant call recording, targeted speech analytics, and embedded call controls.

Gryphon App for CRM 7.5 will be released in mid-July and available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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