Gryphon Networks Offers Its Sales Performance Dashboard on CRM Systems

Gryphon Networks, a provider of sales intelligence and marketing compliance solutions, has announced updates to its Sales Intelligence Platform, including the availability of the Sales Performance Dashboard (SPD) within CRM systems and improvements to its G-Score performance calculation tool.  

According to Eric Esfahanian, senior vice president of Gryphon Networks, the Sales Intelligence Platform is designed to provide managers of "non-centralized" teams with a view of their reps' phone activities so that they can act to improve them. It is equipped to record call activity that spans different regions, teams, office locations, and phone types. For instance, if an agent makes a call from his mobile phone, home office, or through a CRM application, Gryphon's phone network works to capture the outcomes at a level comparable to that often seen in call centers, Esfahanian says. The info it records is then relayed to managers immediately via the Sales Performance Dashboard, allowing them to glean a better understanding of what goes on during each call, and coach to improve interactions.

Esfahanian says prior to the integration, Gryphon clients were forced to toggle between two screens (one for CRM and one for the dashboard), and many of them felt it took attention away from their main objective: training reps. "For our client base, CRM is part of the equation, but it's very difficult to get the ROI the vendor promised when you don't have, not only accurate capture of call data, but a rendering of that call data in an intuitive way," he says. "With Gryphon now available in CRM, [managers] can live in one screen, but they don't have to compromise the views and the insights and the visibility that Sales Intelligence provides."

Also accessible through the Sales Performance Dashboard is Gryphon’s G-Score feature, which takes into account an organization's hand-selected key sales performance indicators (KPIs), and combines them to calculate a performance score on a 0 to 100 scale. These scores change over time, as they analyze metric shifts—such as call attempts, call frequency, or the number of appointments set each week—as they occur. One goal of the tool is to enable users to quickly compare reps across various offices, teams, and regions and to help get them up to speed.

According to Esfahanian, the G-score "dashboard serves up insights based on [a company's] specifications and gives them, within 30 seconds, an accurate understanding of where their performance is against goals, and where rep performances stack up against each other—against teams, against offices, against regions—in all the KPIs that matter to them." And "they know it's 100 percent accurate, that it's a clear representation of their performance to date, based on the goals that they set themselves," he adds.

Gryphon intends to introduce "more prescriptive instructions for managers" that clue them in on the actions they should take "to keep the engine humming and operating at a high performance level," Esfahanian says. In the near future, the vendor will work to analyze the call data it has collected from clients over an 18-year period to generate heat maps that illustrate outcomes and trends that users can refer to, including the best times to make calls by industry or company. The call data, which amounts to one and a half millennia, "is now in the process of being analyzed internally by our own folks, and we're pulling out the key insights," Esfahanian says.

Expected in Gryphon's next release is a "suspicious activity" feature, which works to alert managers to the actions of those reps who might be "gaming the system," Esfahanian says. "So if a rep's average talk time is 23 minutes, you're going to be made aware of that via the dashboard and you can figure out if that person is talking to his mom all day, or if there's something going on there that I want to be aware of."  

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