• July 27, 2017

Gryphon Launches Sales Performance Dashboard 2.1

Gryphon Networks, a sales performance management provider, has released Sales Performance Dashboard (SPD) 2.1 to help sales leaders create and manage effective call strategies among their teams.

The Gryphon SPD is a component of the Gryphon Sales Intelligence System. This advanced telephony platform provides sales leaders with a real-time window into their sales reps' phone-based effectiveness, including call recordings. It supports making and receiving calls from any device (smartphones, office phones, CRM, PC, and dial-in) with no new hardware, IT resources, or complex network adjustments.

In all, more than a dozen enhancements were made to Gryphon Sales Performance Dashboard. They include the following:

  • A Current Calls Tab, which provides real-time visibility to who is on the telephone;
  • A new Inbound vs. Outbound widget that allows users to view the volume of inbound versus outbound calls;
  • A new reporting feature that allows managers to view all outcomes of their teams' calls;
  • A Leaderboard that presents the top-10 performers at an agent, team, office or region level right from the front page;
  • Updated Heatmaps that displaythe ratio of effectiveness by day and by hour, including call attempts, contact attempts, and priority key attempts; and
  • Multiple Priority Key Support for up to five key performance indicators known as Priority Keys that are included in goal calculations.

"With each update to our sales activity dashboard, the visibility gap between a rep's daily activity and revenue gets smaller for managers," said Gryphon Networks' chief revenue officer, Eric Esfahanian, in a statement. "And 100 percent of the time, improved management visibility equals improved sales effectiveness, better training, and happier clients."

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