Demandbase Lets ExactTarget Customers Personalize Content, Online Forms

Demandbase, a targeting and personalization platform for B2B users, and ExactTarget, a global digital marketing provider, have announced the availability of two Demandbase connectors that integrate the Demandbase platform with ExactTarget's Interactive Marketing Hub.

The partnership will enable ExactTarget's customers to strengthen their engagement and conversion, and empower marketers with powerful solutions to create a personalized experience across their Web sites by leveraging the Demandbase platform to identify the companies that visit the sites.

Web site activity is emerging as the number one indicator of buying intent in B2B marketing, and for enterprise marketers, getting the information about business buyers as they start to interact with the Web site can transform a Web hit into a highly targeted and dynamic Web engagement.

"Demandbase and ExactTarget share a common mission to help marketers develop highly targeted and personalized Web engagement, specifically to the business accounts most likely to convert. The Demandbase connectors for Content Targeting and Web Forms enable customers to deliver relevant messages for Web site visitors and shorten ExactTarget forms, making the information about these visitors more robust and actionable," according to a company statement.

"Companies are realizing more and more that to efficiently grow revenue, they must take advantage of innovations in tools that help bring together marketing and sales using data, information and technology," Chris Golec, founder and CEO of Demandbase, adds. "It's no longer enough to focus on the volume of visits or leads in B2B. Rather, it's about shifting the approach to zero in on the segments and companies that best fit the profile of your business buyer, the ones most likely to buy."

By coming together to provide a joint solution, Demandbase and ExactTarget promise to help marketers segment, categorize, and analyze their prospects and customers based on Web site activity, and allow them to better qualify leads based on real-time Web site activity, thereby streamlining the process and expediting the transfer to sales teams.

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