Clipster Launches Redesigned Video Marketing Platform for YouTube

Clipster, a video marketing solution provider, has released a revamped version of its YouTube marketing platform. The third release and second major upgrade to the solution promises marketers more creative freedom paired with improved drag and drop functionality and more options to customize the look and feel of videos and gadgets—content that appears alongside the video, including other videos, advertisements, and additional resources. The platform overhaul is a reaction to the growth of online video content and an increased demand for in-depth video marketing solutions, according to Clipster CEO Loek Wermenbol.

"Investments in video marketing solutions are growing as brands are noticing how effective this channel can be," Wermenbol says. "With the market picking up, companies are looking for solutions that can deliver on all pillars of video marketing, including campaign design and campaign management." From start to finish, Clipster's solution is easy to use, Wermenbol says. The Quick Start Template, for example, allows users to drag and drop videos and gadgets into a predesigned template that automatically adjusts the content with responsive design, ensuring that it appears uniformly on a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Though there's a varied selection to choose from, the solution is also customizable with fully adjustable templates.

Committed to simplifying video marketing throughout the entirety of a campaign, Clipster's solutions also have campaign management capabilities. "We wanted to give our users the tools to carry out their campaigns fully, so we help them build their content, but we also help them target that content and launch it effectively," Wermenbol says. "We offer several tools geared towards different points in the marketing process so that marketers can also measure what performed well, and plan ahead," he adds.

Clipster's geotargeting tool, for example, offers customized localized content aimed at optimizing user experience and driving better results by targeting certain countries and creating unique content for different regions. The platform also offers analytics through in-depth performance reports and integration with Google Analytics, as well as a campaign manager that can help schedule future campaigns and track them across multiple channels on a single dashboard.

Though it's not the first company to offer this kind of video marketing solution, Clipster is unique in its focus on YouTube, Wermenbol says. "While most video marketing solution providers have a YouTube-compatible offering, they rarely tailor it to the hugely important channel. The problem with this is when a company has several good solutions, they don't have a great one. We, instead, focus on this one solution, and making it great," he says.

When the company was founded back in 2012, Facebook was its target. When Google tasked the company with releasing its solution for YouTube, Clipster shifted gears and became dedicated to creating a video marketing platform specifically for YouTube. Still, Wermenbol says a solution expansion is not out of the question. "We will remain dedicated to video marketing and will continue to specialize in YouTube, but we know there are other opportunities out there and we'll determine how we want to progress with other channels," Wermenbol says.

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