SAVO Touts New Sales Enablement Technology

SAVO Group, a sales enablement provider, has announced the launch of its latest software-as-a-service (SaaS) product suite to equip sales teams to have more productive conversations at every point in the customer buying cycle. Complementing companies' existing CRM and sales systems, SAVO's new and enhanced sales enablement applications allow organizations to amplify the performance of their teams and close more deals, according to a company statement.

"SAVO's applications help companies adopt best practices in a disciplined and scalable way so sales reps sell smarter and more professionally in every scenario," Mark O'Connell, president and CEO of SAVO, says. "Each application delivers automated best practices that any sales rep can use to maximize his or her success and productivity."

The new applications include CRM Opportunity Pro, which integrates with all major CRM systems to help companies quickly align reps with prospects at the right stage of the buying cycle to improve lead conversion; Sales Content Pro, a tool that leverages a central repository to arm sales reps with relevant content, experts, and coaching to expedite the selling process; and Mobile Sales Pro, an application designed to increase sales team effectiveness with enhanced PowerPoint, video, and whiteboarding capabilities and an improved user interface.

SAVO has also added RFP and Proposal Pro, a new automation function that manages and tracks Q&As to ensure consistency and accuracy across multiple RFPs while giving sales teams access to advanced data management, reuse, and guided customization capabilities.

The updated technology also has a social intelligence element to gather content from social sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and integrate it into a collaboration space to save sales reps time and facilitate better data organization.

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