Savo Releases Aero to Streamline Sellers' Access to Content

Savo Group, a provider of sales productivity solutions, today launched Aero, a technology platform that aims to help organizations manage their content visually to enable stronger selling methods.

The design of Aero was carried out in collaboration with Savo developers and chosen customers and inspired partly by the analysis of more than 140 million sales interactions, mined to identify insights into selling behavior. The platform works alongside, and builds upon, Savo’s Sales Content Pro core offering. The primary difference between the two is that the new platform moves from a central content management system to what Savo calls a "connected seller content experience," which allows for consumer-style browsing within the secure environment of an enterprise-grade system.

Aero is built to support personalization for its users while incorporating predictive elements and integrating with an organization's existing technology investments, pointed out Doug Marquis, executive vice president of Savo Product Development, in a statement.

The product aims to offer users customized content selection options via intuitive and frequently used consumption formats presented in a channel model. The system unites a consumer-oriented front-end environment with a enterprise-level back end, to meet an organization's requirements for security, compliance, permissions, and scalability.

Aero leverages Savo's rules management to inform recommendations that fuel simplified and relevant browsing processes. The predictive engine uses an algorithm to digest data related to content usage, along with data drawn from CRM systems and external sources.

Savo supports integrations with popular CRM systems (including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP), content storage solutions (like Adobe, Sharepoint, and Salesforce Content), and commonly used email systems (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). The release of Aero expands Savo's integration capabilities, as it can take in information from calendars and support content recommendations on a mobile screen.

According to a statement from Jason Liu, Savo's CEO, the market and user habits surrounding marketing content have evolved, and companies now have high expectations when it comes to managing the collateral they use to reach prospects. "Digital content consumption is now habituated behavior that is deeply ingrained," Liu said in a statement. "Users want to quickly browse and recommend content, digest it visually, and understand it in context of their specific selling situation.”

Courtney Perrone, senior manager of sales enablement and a project manager at Welch Allyn, said in a statement that a pilot program has proven the Aero platform to be "game changing." The technology, she said, “will revolutionize how our sellers discover the most relevant content based on buyer needs, even when those needs change, to maintain a high level of trust."

According to Liu, the product will accelerate the ease of adoption, as it requires almost no training on the part of the user. "Our expectation for sellers using the new system is that they will create deeper connections with their buyers—that it will maximize the human connection at the heart of the sales cycle," said Liu in an e-mail. "Deeper connections come from being able to address buyer questions and concerns quickly and easily, and to help advance new thinking around what matters to each buyer most. Ultimately, this builds trust, closes deals, and creates a more repeatable success cycle."

Liu also noted that the road map for the product will "be guided by what's working in real-time," based on its "unparalleled" database of seller interactions. Savo will continue to focus on two key areas: the first is "how quickly we deliver on the promise of an integrated seller and the prioritization of systems feeding our connected experience; and [the second is] the scope of insights being utilized by our predictive, machine-based recommendation engine."

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