SAVO Group Automates Sales Proposals

SAVO Group, a maker of sales enablement solutions, has released SAVO Proposals, a product that automates the creation and management of customized sales proposals.

The proposal generation process, according to Marty Vega, director of industry solutions for SAVO, "can have a significant impact on sales effectiveness, and [by] integrating it with CRM can drive improvement and make it easier to measure."

One of the most prolific problems of manual account or contact data entry is that it can be error-prone and time-consuming, Vega said. Additionally, it can be unclear which accounts received proposals and which didn't. When a sales team has more insight into which proposals were accepted and when, they can then "replicate" a "winning" proposal in future sales instances.

It's estimated that 80 percent of companies fall behind in measuring sales effectiveness properly. "Often, if proposals are prepared manually, no one has the time to monitor [them] to ensure all content is up-to-date or that the customized information is correct," Vega added.

Using SAVO Proposals, sales teams and marketers can track through analytics how proposals are resonating, and attribute the proposal content to resulting revenue generation. Additionally, salespeople can see what's gaining traction with prospects and opportunities.

One of the biggest pain points one SAVO customer had was generating sales proposals that actually align with buyers' needs. "SAVO Proposals' SaaS interface allows us to keep our messaging consistently tailored to buyers' objectives," said Ian Levine, senior vice president of sales strategy and operations at data backup and document management company Iron Mountain, in a statement.

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