Brainshark Unveils Sales Accelerator Tool at Dreamforce

Sales enablement solution provider Brainshark has launched the Sales Accelerator, a tool designed to help sales representatives easily access onboarding and training resources as well as find the right content to drive sales based on the context of different customer engagements. Sales Accelerator was introduced at Salesforce.com's Dreamforce conference, and is deeply integrated with the Salesforce1 platform.

"The integration with the Salesforce1 platform was important for us because we truly wanted to integrate ourselves into the environment in which salespeople play every day. We wanted our tool to be aligned with the widely used Salesforce1 platform," David Klein, vice president of product management at Brainshark, explains.

Sales Accelerator's key functionality allows sales representatives to organize and categorize content in the way that's most relevant to them and gives them access to the right content in the right context. Often, sales teams find content created by the marketing department to be obsolete or not appropriate—according to the IDC, a whopping 75 percent of marketing material isn't used in sales. The Sales Accelerator makes it easier for salespeople to sort through existing content to find the right fit and can also deliver content based on context, such as a specific rep's account records, the prospect's industry, and other factors. The taxonomy that sales reps use within Salesforce will be translated into the categorization within Brainshark to streamline the experience between the two systems, according to Klein.

"Content plays a crucial role in the selling process. Sales Accelerator not only helps sales representatives get a handle on the content they need, but also helps sales heads keep an eye on what's working and what isn't," Klein says. "They can ask 'What content are the A players using to sell? What content are the B players using? What are the A players doing to drive opportunities forward that the B players might not be?'" he says. Marketers can also use the solution to inform their content creation efforts by determining what content actually works on the sales end.

Additionally, Brainshark's new platform empowers sales reps to create their own rich content, such as video, quickly. As video becomes an increasingly effective sales tool, sales teams are looking for ways to incorporate it without getting bogged down in a lengthy editing process.

"Buyers don't want to read PDFs anymore. They would much rather see a quick video, and we're making it very easy for sales reps to create them. They plug in some information, and they've got an interactive, effective piece of content," Joan Babinski, vice president of marketing at Brainshark, explains. The video content is mobile-ready, available through Salesforce1, and is responsive to different device makes and sizes.

Also available on the Sales Accelerator platform is smart search, which allows users to create shortcuts and mark frequently used or self-authored content as favorite content. The platform also offers detailed analytics and dashboards that enable sales teams to access their Salesforce data and see how content is performing.

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