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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps organizations deliver exceptional customer service and support. Good CRM tools and strategies enable call centers, contact centers, and customer support teams to be their most effective and ensure that all customer inquiries end with the best possible customer experience. Explore our latest news, analysis, and advice for customer service professionals at all levels.


As Contact Centers Become More Complex, Testing Grows in Importance

Tools to optimize customer service operations have grown in scale and depth of functionality.

How Reliable Is Your Contact Center's AI Guidance?

Determining whether companies can trust the next-best-step suggestions AI makes for agents.

The Best CRM Software, Solutions, and Innovators: The 2022 CRM Industry Awards

Our 21st annual awards recognize the vendors and innovators that stood out from the crowd during the past year.

The Best CRM Software and Solutions: The 2022 CRM Industry Leader Awards

Our top five picks in 11 categories point the way forward with the best products and capabilities hitting the market in customer service, marketing, and sales.


Data Is the Untapped Source Needed for Successful Customer Intimacy

The key is knowing the "right" data to gather, to focus on, or to use in decision-making—and using it in a way that ultimately builds and sustains a continued cycle of customer loyalty and growth.

Can AI Mitigate Quiet Quitting in the Contact Center?

Solutions and technologies available to contact centers can help their agents find the work-life-balance that quiet quitters seek out.

Engagement Blueprinting: How Your Company Can Leverage Service Design

This service design framework takes a journey management approach, mapping the end-to-end experiences of customers, employees, and partners to identify the areas that demand attention.

How to Avoid Being Canceled by Customers: Properly Preparing CX Departments

Some of the situations retailers are facing are unavoidable, such as supply chain issues and labor shortages. But how brands respond is fully within their control.


Integrating CRM Data into the Enterprise

AI and analytics present a bounty of ways to leverage CRM data across your business.

CX is Getting More Complex. Are You Ready?

Heightened customer demand is creating new issues and driving the creation of new tools.

Automation Is a Choice, Privacy Is Under Siege, and Other Final Nuggets

Our Last Line columnist delivers his last lines for CRM.

Inclusive Experiences Start With Inclusive Language

Companies have learned and are demonstrating that words matter.

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