Customer Data Analytics

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data analytics, or customer analytics, is a critical element of CRM. Learn to quickly identify and solve customer-facing business problems by collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data captured throughout an organization. Explore our latest customer analytics news, analysis, and advice.


Marketing’s New Reality: The Metaverse

Some early adopters have seen great success, but it's important to learn all you can first.

The CRM and E-Commerce Convergence Begins

Companies benefit when customer data can inform e-commerce personalization.

Interaction Analytics Helps Improve Coaching/Training

Data-driven guidance provides a better agent and customer experience.

Emotion Detection in Marketing Is About to Go Mainstream

Technology to detect and analyze emotional states has advanced significantly in the past year alone.


Why AI Contextualization Is Key for Modern Customer Experiences

Here's what to know about enabling AI to shape your voice, virtual assistant, and chatbot brand experiences around customer contextualization: the ability to understand what a customer wants immediately at a particular moment.

CX and Security Best Practices to Meet Customer Expectations This Year

Making adjustments in the areas of checkout, communication, data, and security can improve CX now and build better long-term customer relationships.

CX Leaders Need to Go Beyond Their Comfort Zones to Navigate 2023

Customer experience pros have to help their organizations become more resilient.

The CX Leader's Evolution and Business Impact

The new customer experience officers will come from within the organization, operators who understand how company technology, data, and design choices will lead to a better understanding of customers.


ChatGPT: Looking Beyond the Hype

Companies need to start asking and answering questions now about their plans for AI

The CRM ‘Red Zone’ Challenge

Instead of focusing on more opportunities going into the funnel, emphasize contracts coming out of it.

How Your Company Can Keep Up With Customer Demands

Becoming more adaptable can be a big advantage.

How the Metaverse Will Change Everything

Leverage the technology to help you transform, or become the next Blockbuster.

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