• 3 The Billings, Walnut Tree Close
  • Guildford Surrey GU1 4UL
  • United Kingdom
  • Ownership: Private
  • Number of Employees: 250 - 499
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More Marketing. Less Time

Our goal is to create software that allows you to be successful in your marketing communications. We build innovations and advanced functionality that allows you to take your marketing automation and lead generation to the next level. In other words: functionality that can be applied in an accessible manner with measurable outcomes.

That is why we do not just add all kinds of functions, but we consciously choose to only develop frequently requested and frequently used functions – all voted by our customers. Ultimately, it’s all about you getting results quickly and leaving more time for other marketing activities.

Helping marketing and customer service teams succeed – Spotler gives ambitious marketers and customer service professionals the right tools to engage with customers, improve customer experience and grow their business.

Product Description

Build Great Relationships

Find every customer, contact them, and communicate instantly. Track your leads and automate your sales process. Keep on the ball by setting tasks and appointments so you never miss another sale.

Equally important is our relationship with you. We want your business to succeed that’s why we include free customer support and loads of free resources – delivered by humans! You can contact us by email, online chat or set up an appointment with one of our technical experts

Foundation For Collaboration

Create effortless organisation with a centralised hub, where everything is in one place. Our cloud CRM software gives full visibility of your customer interactions and builds upon the strength of your team and relationships.

Designed for growing teams working B2B, our CRM is easy to set up and simple to use. So easy, you’ll be able to train your squad in minutes.

Knowledge Is Power

View and track your sales from inquiry to close and automate your processes to prioritise your best leads. Gain valuable insights from your customer data with detailed reports and analysis.

Customise your CRM by adding your own fields and terminology so you can quickly find your data and create individual dashboards to highlight what’s important to you.