CRM on Twitter: September 2009

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The new math: Customer dissatisfaction + social media = a first-class pain. Just ask United Airlines (@UnitedAirlines), the subject of an unflattering viral video by passenger Dave Carroll (@DaveCarroll), who claimed his guitar was damaged by baggage handlers. CRM Managing Editor Joshua Weinberger (@kitson) blogged about the kerfuffle (, but, 4 million YouTube viewings later, the story is still—pardon the expression—flying high, as these tweets show. 

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Hi! Dave here. Have you seen my United Breaks Guitars video?

If you ever need to fly United again, pack all of your breakables in a guitar case. I doubt they'll get broken now.

Re: The 'United Broke my Guitar' videos. When did "I'm going to go viral on your ass" become a legitimate threat?

@Kelly_MacD This has struck a chord w/ us and we've contacted him directly to make it right.

@jtkola Nope. That was a mistake that we made, have apologized for, have fixed, and most importantly, learned from too.

Wud like Dave 2 sing a happy tune—as asked we gave 3K to Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz 4 music education 4 kids.

@HalifaxMagazine It should have been fixed sooner & not have happened in the 1st place. Video will be used for training.

Song 2 is all but recorded and the general consensus is that it's extremely catchy! Shooting for the video is scheduled for next Tuesday Aug 4. Stay tuned.

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