CRM on Twitter: December 2008

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On the national stage, one of the earliest signs of Entellium’s sudden crisis came by way of Twitter—and the reaction there spread like wildfire.

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Yikes! PJ Johnston and Parrish Jones of Entellium indicted on wire fraud charges: http://tinyurl.com/4mfsxw

Entellium was committed to CRM, but they committed CRiMe.

Entellium CEO/CFO arrested for cooking the books…board asleep at the wheel, for sure. http://is.gd/3LFn

So, Entellium had 190 employees and only reported $5.2M in revenue? Which was really $1.7M? That’s a fast burn.

Hey Entellium users, back up your data before the servers go dark!

@RichBohn Great post! We are ready to take all the former Entellium customers that are a good “true small business” fit with Infusionsoft.

Fairly certain Ignition Partners’ portfolio firms will have audits in the near future after this Entellium debacle. http://snurl.com/47eaj

this news story about Entellium is really wild. Imagine being in the Ignition partner meeting when this was discussed. http://lin.cr/1s4

Bummed about Entellium (http://tinyurl.com/3m7nkq). Our start-up was just starting to use it. Time to talk to @37signals and @jasonfried?

CRM on Twitter: December 2008

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