CRM on Twitter: October 2008

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In honor of Customer Service Week (see "A Week of Strong Customer Service"), we decided to cast a quick look at some of the recent customer experience tales making the rounds in the Twitterverse.

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@GeoHueb I’ve been told that live chat with Comcast is the best way to get customer service from them. From my experience, it’s true.

wow XM Radio hung up on me again. 3rd time in 2 hours. Awesome customer service.

Good customer service Southwest Airlines. I booked the wrong flight, called them and in minutes they had it fixed. Nice and easy. class.

had one of the best experiences with Apple’s customer service ever--”My iPod Touch has a dead pixel.” “We're sorry, here’s a new one.”

Time Warner customer service (lack of) is really ticking me off.

oh sprint customer service...I talk to you more than I talk to most of my friends

Hotel Monaco called back within hours, apologizing profusely. They made it better & then some. Now my fave hotel ever!! Customer service!!!

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