CRM on Twitter: January 2009

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As cloud computing seeps into CRM (see “30,000-Foot Views of the Cloud,” page 17, and “The Google-ization of CRM,” page 22), we looked at some tweets on the subject.

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will Salesforce or MS CRM give me a cloud copy to use? or will I decide to embrace Zoho CRM?

After a mega computer meltdown, I’m using Highrise CRM so all my data lives in the cloud. Paired with Prism, it’s awesome.

methinks that CRM in the cloud won’t fly with enterprises, maybe small or SMBs

Social CRM, Cloud = the transformation experts keep predicting every 5 yrs. or so, “that soon, computing will not resemble what we
now know”

Cloud telephony--Both parties in a fog? :) My expectation--VOIP, video available, caller ID interfaced with CRM, speech-to-text

Checking out hosted CRM solutions--the cloud based company dream continues!

...SaaS/Cloud are being proven with CRM and Email now, productivity apps making strides too

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