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The Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development is using Conga Contracts to award business grants and incentives
Posted 31 Oct 2017 [November 2017 Issue]
A smart approach can turn the tide of consumer sentiment
Posted 01 Feb 2017 [February 2017 Issue]
The $9.3 billion acquisition could herald more deals involving the industry's big players, experts say.
Posted 29 Jul 2016
Accuracy is just part of the battle; marketers also need to know how to interpret location data.
Posted 07 Jan 2016
Improving technologies and economies enable marketers to connect with hard-to-reach consumers
Posted 01 Nov 2015 [November 2015 Issue]
LBMA organizers cite apps, beacons, and geofences as tools to drive engagement.
Posted 22 Oct 2015
Gartner Wireless Summit '09: Other gee-whiz technologies may not be far behind.
Posted 12 Mar 2009
Gartner Wireless Summit '09: More than anything else, consumers want time- and location-sensitive information.
Posted 10 Mar 2009
A research firm and an industry trade group both come to the same conclusion: "Fewer people may be hitting the stores in January to redeem gift cards."
Posted 05 Dec 2008
A new Gartner survey indicates that nearly 90 percent of current or intended users of on-demand software expect to maintain or grow their SaaS footprint.
Posted 05 Dec 2008
A recent Gartner report bemoans the fact that "companies tend to view business intelligence as [just] a bunch of technology."
Posted 28 Nov 2008
WiMax World '08: "Customers can get a lot of benefits out of WiMax if we take the complexity out of it," a Sprint executive says.
Posted 03 Oct 2008
WiMax World '08: The next-generation wireless standard is beginning to find success in several developments across the world.
Posted 02 Oct 2008
New research indicates that a 3.6 percent drop in 2007 may be followed by further declines this year -- and well into 2009.
Posted 11 Sep 2008
New research suggests that the bulk of an average marketer's budget is now spent online.
Posted 10 Sep 2008
The latest assessment of master data management for product data covers 11 vendors -- and reveals no leaders. Is product data that much harder than customer data?
Posted 03 Sep 2008
Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce '08: Veteran firms IBM and ATG top the field -- but the field itself is twice as big as it was last year.
Posted 01 Sep 2008
Better customer information leads to higher retention rates.
Posted 29 Jul 2008
A new Aberdeen report says profitability is dependent on repeat buyers and a focus on lifetime customer value.
Posted 18 Jul 2008
New research shows that business intelligence tools have a higher adoption rate among small businesses than their medium-sized counterparts.
Posted 05 Jun 2008
TDWI Spring '08: Real-time (or near-real-time) business intelligence continues to improve.
Posted 16 May 2008
TDWI Spring '08: Line-of-business users want access, but self-service is only a short-term solution.
Posted 15 May 2008
TDWI Spring '08: The most important element in BI -- the human factor -- is also the most-often overlooked.
Posted 13 May 2008
Posted 11 Apr 2008
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit '08: By 2009, 90 percent of mission-critical projects will depend on data warehouse information to drive higher revenues or lower costs.
Posted 02 Apr 2008
Gartner Business Intelligence Summit '08: The need for better CRM is one of the factors driving growth in the BI marketplace.
Posted 01 Apr 2008
A new study finds that the majority of consumers visit a company's Web site to research products and services -- but less than half say the information to be found there meets their needs.
Posted 28 Mar 2008
Out of a 12-company scrum assigned to the top quadrant, EDS leads the pack.
Posted 26 Mar 2008
Gartner Business Continuity Management Summit '08: One industry analyst suggests that sometimes risk isn't risky at all -- but necessary.
Posted 19 Mar 2008
Gartner Wireless '08: By heeding lessons learned, companies can help ensure they get the maximum benefit from mobile CRM deployments.
Posted 06 Mar 2008
Gartner Wireless '08: As the mobile workforce continues to evolve, "portable personality solutions" will be all the rage, says one Gartner analyst.
Posted 04 Mar 2008
An easy-to-use business intelligence project sparks innovative reporting without additional personnel.
Posted 01 Mar 2008 [March 2008 Issue]
As budgets tighten, all technology spending comes under scrutiny. A new survey, however, indicates that strategic CRM projects are more likely to be spared.
Posted 22 Feb 2008
In the research firm's annual look at the consolidation-ridden corporate performance management space, Oracle's Hyperion acquisition was the only one that made the cut -- literally.
Posted 19 Feb 2008
A recent spate of releases continues to expand the marketplace for mobile CRM, even as mobile stalwart BlackBerry suffers yet another nationwide service interruption.
Posted 19 Feb 2008
Looking at the network-technology vendors specializing in serving up the technology of others, Gartner gives glowing marks to just two out of 13.
Posted 18 Feb 2008
Former pure-play business process management (BPM) providers lead the market, now that they've grown into full-suite offerings.
Posted 15 Feb 2008
Magic Quadrant '08: The research firm's assessment of the business intelligence sector shows the two vendors joining SAS Institute, Oracle, Cognos, and Business Objects in the top segment.
Posted 12 Feb 2008
SugarCon '08: The open-source CRM provider gets a new batch of venture-cap cash, and announces a new mobile offering for BlackBerry and other smartphone users.
Posted 08 Feb 2008
Experts agree that the need for mobile technology support is out of proportion to smaller companies' level of adoption; even consumer solutions can help bridge the gap.
Posted 06 Feb 2008
Origen Financial turns to automation to minimize a mountain of mortgage paperwork.
Posted 01 Feb 2008 [February 2008 Issue]
The retailing giant saddles up its customer relationships and asks an advertising agency to take the reins.
Posted 29 Jan 2008
Big Blue snaps up AptSoft, a provider of software designed to help companies make real-time decisions.
Posted 24 Jan 2008
With an updated GoldMine in the driver's seat, a Carolina truck dealership steers to unified customer information.
Posted 01 Jan 2008 [January 2008 Issue]
When it comes to deploying BI in marketing, best practices can light the path to "information nirvana."
Posted 24 Dec 2007
Strong companies get more out of business intelligence than weaker ones do.
Posted 21 Dec 2007
"Getting staff to use the software" remains the biggest challenge for the small and midsize CRM user.
Posted 17 Dec 2007
The world is flat -- and so is the battlefield for control over geographic, navigational, and site-specific information that CRM applications need to grapple with.
Posted 14 Dec 2007
The vendor launches a new Web site to promote the latest version of its CRM software, giving users the same look, feel, and functionality, regardless of the channel through which they're connecting.
Posted 12 Dec 2007
The move expands the telecommunications vendor's line of reporting and analytic software.
Posted 11 Dec 2007
There are 3.5 billion online conversations every day. Is your company part of them, or a victim of them?
Posted 07 Dec 2007
Forget about mass products for mass customers: Many companies are better served by providing customizable products and services.
Posted 05 Dec 2007
"Marketers have to work harder than ever before in order to sell," says a presenter at a search marketing conference.
Posted 04 Dec 2007
Technology investments designed to empower agents may actually complicate access to required data.
Posted 28 Nov 2007
An industry traditionally at the forefront of CRM continues to make the effort to master customer interactions.
Posted 27 Nov 2007
As the annual shopping season opens, retailers need to allocate resources more effectively.
Posted 23 Nov 2007
Systemic challenges are driving the industry toward self-service and automation.
Posted 22 Nov 2007
Not every step toward a best-in-class BI deployment is going to be a smooth transition.
Posted 21 Nov 2007
In the weeks since its delayed IPO, the on-demand voice-messaging vendor has struggled to shed the stigma of patent-infringement allegations.
Posted 14 Nov 2007
The union of two data providers represents "a monumental acquisition," says one analyst -- though more deals are likely.
Posted 08 Nov 2007
A top executive tells the Microstrategy Fall Symposium that the key to successful BI is making sure the strategy is designed to deliver value, not merely to collect data for data's sake.
Posted 17 Oct 2007
With a new compensation application, Workstream attempts to introduce enterprise-level functionality to the midmarket.
Posted 08 Aug 2007
As part of the company's latest release, Nextance Proposal Management will improve the process and end result of preparing proposals.
Posted 19 Mar 2007
Too many measurements, however, or too few mean failed CRM, according to an industry analyst at this year's BI Summit.
Posted 14 Mar 2007
Consumers buy cars differently from how they did a generation ago. Makers and distributors must respond to the changes or become last year's model.
Posted 01 Mar 2007 [March 2007 Issue]
SaaS and open-source CRM offerings are replacing contact managers and spreadsheets as the systems of record for medium businesses.
Posted 23 Feb 2007
SageCRM 6 includes new training and search tools, along with a customizable suite of features for administrators, giving SMBs what enterprises are used to.
Posted 02 Feb 2007
A study reveals that only half of smaller businesses trust the security of IP telephony, ranking it less certain than many other data networks.
Posted 19 Jan 2007
As more consumers rely on the Internet to shop for cars, dealerships look to turn online leads into sales.
Posted 04 Jan 2007
The first step in embracing analytics is to have a CEO who sees analytics as a corporate differentiator.
Posted 01 Jan 2007 [January 2007 Issue]
The agency's Oversight Board report finds 80 percent of respondents are satisfied with IRS customer service when compared with other government offices.
Posted 29 Dec 2006
ERF Wireless snaps up Southwest Enhanced Network Services; banks will benefit from owning their own wireless equipment and dropping expensive T1 lines.
Posted 21 Dec 2006
Coaching and the provisioning of a knowledge base are important aspects of immediate performance gains in this vital area of customer service.
Posted 18 Dec 2006
More resources will allow expanded services, making Core Solutions more attractive to some prospects at the larger end of its target market.
Posted 14 Dec 2006
The company's new multivariant testing app automatically uses advertising resources where they're the most effective; one analyst says the paid search market is open for WebTrends.
Posted 11 Dec 2006
As part of Stealth Communications' Voice Peering Fabric, the company's intercontinental direct connection capabilities will achieve enhanced quality and reliability.
Posted 07 Dec 2006
The CRM fixture will use the technology obtained to deliver a new integrated bundle aimed at financial services advisory firms, including some of the larger enterprises.
Posted 04 Dec 2006
Different regions favor different kinds of applications; offline entertainment vies with online utility among mobile users.
Posted 29 Nov 2006
SaaS and mobile options continue to grow while buyers can choose from best-of-breed or suite vendors, according to Gartner; SFA will grow more than 13 percent annually through 2010.
Posted 27 Nov 2006
Workers spend too much time sending and receiving emails, with PDA users the most overwhelmed group, according to a new study.
Posted 21 Nov 2006
Relationship calling plans lead to large mobile phone usage among young consumers; coverage and reliability trump newer capabilities.
Posted 20 Nov 2006
A suite approach to offerings and the acquisition of a mobile unified communications solutions company will strengthen Avaya's presence in the UC marketplace.
Posted 16 Nov 2006
The deal will help expand EDS's capabilities in the SAP CRM market and help provide stronger capabilities for enterprise-level customers installing or planning to install SAP applications.
Posted 13 Nov 2006
New software designed for large, multiline lenders pulls together facets of mortgage, auto, and credit card lending into a single system.
Posted 02 Nov 2006
Hours of Web research almost always precede purchasing at brick-and-mortar locations; marketers must understand several degrees of online buying comfort levels.
Posted 19 Oct 2006
Executives are spearheading investment efforts in mobile sales productivity tools, according to a new study.
Posted 18 Oct 2006
Securing brand trust is crucial for success says a new study; consistency in security and privacy is needed across the enterprise, yet execs and marketers are not in sync.
Posted 05 Oct 2006
More decisions are being made based on enterprisewide data; lower level execs are taking on more data-driven decision-making.
Posted 21 Sep 2006
Developing multiple strategies and values will improve the business performance of a CRM implementation, according to Gartner.
Posted 13 Sep 2006
An analyst recommends taking a close look at IT's needs and capabilities, the contract, overall usefulness to the business, and other factors in making the decision.
Posted 12 Sep 2006
Transformation from service to sales requires different skill sets for agents, and an environment that supports their efforts.
Posted 05 Sep 2006
Active data warehousing trumps the traditional for Travelocity by supporting event-based decisions.
Posted 01 Sep 2006 [September 2006 Issue]
Firms have begun to respond to customer demand for quicker replies, strengthening brands and relationships in the process.
Posted 18 Aug 2006
Too many customer programs focus on cost, which misses the point of CRM, according to an ICCM keynote speaker.
Posted 16 Aug 2006
Lost jobs get much more press and attention than new positions, according to the National Association of Call Centers, but the country still has the highest rate of closings.
Posted 15 Aug 2006
Phoenix flies high with effective travel, hospitality, and convention business marketing.
Posted 01 Aug 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
Contactless payments and line-busting techniques are penetrating busy retail venues, to the delight of shoppers and staff.
Posted 01 Aug 2006 [August 2006 Issue]
Magic Quadrant for SFA '06: Salesforce.com is the challenger and SAP the visionary, while Onyx and SSA Global take time off to cope with changes.
Posted 20 Jul 2006
But many are only in the early stages of implementing BI systems; periodic data review still overshadows ad-hoc reporting.
Posted 19 Jul 2006
Integration of marketing and sales data is still the biggest challenge facing businesses; a survey at DM Days reveals that companies have tuned out the breakdown-the-silos mantra.
Posted 26 Jun 2006
Pricing decision-makers don't understand the profit-and-loss impact of their choices, according to a BPM Forum study.
Posted 20 Jun 2006
Wireless consumers are poised to up adoption of OTA music services by end of the decade; drivers include broadband deployment and music-enabled handset penetration.
Posted 19 Jun 2006
Broadcasters need new approaches to content delivery as media territories transform, a recent study finds.
Posted 15 Jun 2006
Payment calculators and software applications that help shoppers decide what type of loan is best for their needs are key to converting prospects to applicants.
Posted 13 Jun 2006
Twenty-three of the 30 top-ranked offshore providers are located there; neighbors in the hemisphere are beginning to make progress in the industry.
Posted 12 Jun 2006
Several African nations show good potential for call center development and growth; Botswana, Ghana, Morocco, and Tunisia will all start to compete for agent positions.
Posted 05 Jun 2006
Big-box stores are putting the multichannel remote control in consumers' hands.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
A full-service car dealer turns to a marketing app to compete against large automotive service and repair chains.
Posted 01 Jun 2006 [June 2006 Issue]
The keys to improving payback are to use automation and limit chat technology.
Posted 30 May 2006
High gasoline prices and brick-and-mortar shopping hassles continue to push consumers to the online channel.
Posted 25 May 2006
Customer input is becoming part of the development cycle, according to industry bigs at the Retail Systems 2006 conference.
Posted 22 May 2006
Teradata tells the Conference Board how significance, relevance, and timing help maximize customer relationships.
Posted 18 May 2006
One in five households make "panic" payments, according to a new study; mailed checks are still the single most common bill settlement method.
Posted 16 May 2006
Vendors are not very responsive to prospect emails and don't optimize their Web sites, despite what they advise their clients.
Posted 15 May 2006
A study by the Luxury Institute rates the top car rental companies in various categories, including a company's ability to deliver on its promises.
Posted 09 May 2006
New deals by Neocase and LiteScape focus on collaborative efforts with the big dogs.
Posted 08 May 2006
Businesses take marketing and promotional actions before understanding customers' expectations.
Posted 01 May 2006
Blazing a better results trail for a camping company.
Posted 01 May 2006 [May 2006 Issue]
Better bundles and more aggressive pricing are cited as major reasons for improvement in a new J.D. Power study.
Posted 24 Apr 2006
Better technology integration and closer attention to customer needs rank among the best-in-class behaviors of distributors.
Posted 17 Apr 2006
Contactless payments combined with private label credit cards help speed transactions and consumer access to loyalty program information; 2007 could be the big year for no-touch checkout.
Posted 17 Apr 2006
Although consumers polled indicate that site usability is up, customer information sharing leads to below average score.
Posted 10 Apr 2006
Wireless carriers' family calling plans are increasingly popular with customers; pricing is an important factor.
Posted 03 Apr 2006
A more manageable, single-security standard is expected this year, as current measures are deemed too cumbersome for most users.
Posted 27 Mar 2006
Many online consumers still see cookies as spyware, and because those who want to opt out will, one analyst advises that firms make it easy for them.
Posted 20 Mar 2006
WebTrends adds a marketing data warehouse to its all-new analytics package, responding to marketing execs' expectations of future growth and the need for individualized data.
Posted 14 Mar 2006
Cell services that fail to listen to customers will find nobody downloads music; customers are willing to pay a little more than iPod rates, but not the premiums they pay now.
Posted 13 Mar 2006
Proper analysis provides continuing ROI without the need for additional investment; an analyst at the Gartner BI summit lays out the basics.
Posted 08 Mar 2006
Gartner analysts predict more business intelligence usage throughout enterprises, with increasing focus on seamless deployment into strategy and business processes.
Posted 07 Mar 2006
The on-demand giant's new Unlimited Edition includes increased support, storage, and development objects to put entire companies on the platform.
Posted 06 Mar 2006
A good Web site leads to customer acquisition and retention. Discover, American Express, and Chase have the best sites for experience, according to a new report.
Posted 28 Feb 2006
Fully realized marketing plans help managers define the customer segments most important to their financial and strategic goals, according to a new study.
Posted 27 Feb 2006
Japanese cell phone users are using new technology that allows consumers to gather company information by pointing the phone at a building.
Posted 20 Feb 2006
Retailers have advanced in their use of CRM technologies, but continue to struggle to get CRM information to the proper corporate users.
Posted 10 Feb 2006
Agent hours have been reduced by 20 percent.
Posted 01 Feb 2006 [February 2006 Issue]
Adoption is slow in developing countries, but will speed up as infrastructure improves; acquisitions are also on the upswing.
Posted 04 Jan 2006
When costumers go to stores to buy, they care most about price, selection, and convenience.
Posted 30 Dec 2005
Gift cards help retailers beat some holiday sales forecasts, with spending up 8.7 percent.
Posted 27 Dec 2005
Poor service increasingly opens the door to churn, as the Internet is perceived to allow a fresh start for customer loyalty.
Posted 22 Dec 2005
A research firm culls information from leading companies to discover the best practices to achieve success.
Posted 19 Dec 2005
As most companies expand or develop new products, they fail to recognize the need to improve their customer care strategies at the same time.
Posted 02 Dec 2005
Reps who spend some extra time planning and analyzing while possessing the more traditional sales skills are the ones who excel.
Posted 02 Dec 2005
A recent report reveals the best and worst retail Web sites evaluated by online shopping experiences.
Posted 30 Nov 2005
Web merchants are offering ways to lure in customers as online retail sales are expected to jump 25 percent this holiday season.
Posted 25 Nov 2005
More companies are considering business process outsourcing, but deal sizes are dwindling.
Posted 25 Nov 2005
SPSS Software provides quick analysis and answers.
Posted 01 Nov 2005 [November 2005 Issue]
Financial services firms have retargeted their investments in customer-facing processes and are reaping the rewards.
Posted 01 Nov 2005 [November 2005 Issue]
It is impressive when CRM vendors promise business performance improvements never before possible, but it is more impressive when their products actually deliver on those promises. The CRM Elite awards showcase six companies that have achieved significant returns on their technology investments that have either met or surpassed their expectations.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
It is impressive when CRM vendors promise business performance improvements never before possible, but it is more impressive when their products actually deliver on those promises. The CRM Elite awards showcase six companies that have achieved significant returns on their technology investments that have either met or surpassed their expectations.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
It is impressive when CRM vendors promise business performance improvements never before possible, but it is more impressive when their products actually deliver on those promises. The CRM Elite awards showcase six companies that have achieved significant returns on their technology investments that have either met or surpassed their expectations.
Posted 01 Oct 2005 [October 2005 Issue]
Relationship Manager Version 6 contains 'the three most important dimensions of customer dialogue'--relevance, timing, and significant customer offers.
Posted 19 Sep 2005
Hosting, performance evaluation solutions, and a creative call center layout help telecoms improve their customer relationship efforts.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
eSuds eliminates the guesswork around college washing machines' availability.
Posted 01 Sep 2005 [September 2005 Issue]
The new version's enhanced functionality targets midsize companies.
Posted 16 Aug 2005
A new data warehouse and software help improve customer retention efforts.
Posted 01 Aug 2005 [August 2005 Issue]
Manufacturing is expected to see the largest gain; money will be spent in areas that include online sales/e-commerce, Web self-service, and IT outsourcing.
Posted 12 Jul 2005
Technologies offer more promise than actual usage right now.
Posted 13 Jun 2005
A hosted CRM solution improves opportunities and cuts costs.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
The change means speedier information for newspaper advertisers and salespeople.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
OrderMotion fills Goldspeed.com's need for order-tracking and improved CRM.
Posted 01 Jun 2005 [June 2005 Issue]
Gartner analysts offer tips on how to use business intelligence.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
CRM software is becoming as important as nuts and bolts.
Posted 02 May 2005 [May 2005 Issue]
An industry analyst speaks out on breathing life back into sluggish customer relationship efforts.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
Violating corporate integrity and consumer trust can cripple sales.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
Our Service Elite awards, chosen by the editors, are presented to the customer care operations that have delivered impressive results by achieving satisfaction and customer return on investment that set the standard for the rest of the industry. We recognize Elite customer care implementations in the fields of knowledge-base tools, agent-facing desktop applications, quality monitoring, workforce management, speech solutions, and contact-center outsourcing services.
Posted 01 Apr 2005 [April 2005 Issue]
Look at branded experience, shaping demand, people and technology, marketing productivity, and performance objectives.
Posted 10 Mar 2005
Many organizations have a long way to go before they achieve true business intelligence success.
Posted 08 Mar 2005
The hosted CRM provider brings advanced calendaring functions and customized fields to the vertically focused solution.
Posted 03 Mar 2005
The recent increase in interest rates is already affecting the spending habits of low- and middle-income consumers.
Posted 01 Mar 2005
Luxury marketers need to provide experiences to draw this consumer segment.
Posted 24 Feb 2005
Siebel's group vice president focuses his DCI keynote address on best practices for valuable analytic data.
Posted 16 Feb 2005
Accurate customer data helps UrbanFlorist.com manage its Valentine's Day spike, as well as orders for the rest of the year.
Posted 14 Feb 2005
Two thirds of SMBs say they have positive ROI, although only 30 percent of them say they now measure it.
Posted 07 Jan 2005
A good online customer experience can have extended word-of-mouth benefits; slow response times jeopardize millions in potential revenue gains.
Posted 06 Jan 2005
A new study cites high frontline employee turnover and the complexity of financial institutions' CRM programs as the primary culprits.
Posted 09 Dec 2004
Unisys predicts that integration will have a leading role in CRM initiatives next year.
Posted 03 Dec 2004
An NRF Foundation survey finds that most retailers are investing in CRM and most customers are satisfied with their service experience.
Posted 29 Nov 2004
The NFL franchise is using the technology to improve customer communication and service.
Posted 24 Nov 2004
Cost savings will prompt organizations to offer customers better ways to serve themselves.
Posted 22 Nov 2004
Safety, ease of use, and bill payment services lead the way to customer satisfaction, but institutions must compete with other channels.
Posted 18 Nov 2004
Datamonitor predicts that South Africa will see tremendous growth as a customer service hot spot.
Posted 15 Nov 2004
Retail banks are targeting small-business owners to build the profitability of those relationships.
Posted 09 Nov 2004
Miami-Dade relies on its IP call center to help get voters to the polls.
Posted 05 Nov 2004
Companies need to improve their communication strategies with customers who are mothers, according to a new study.
Posted 27 Oct 2004
Organizations are missing the mark when trying to connect with the Hispanic market.
Posted 26 Oct 2004
Too many companies in the past looked at CRM and related technologies as magic bullets that would solve their CRM challenges.
Posted 24 Sep 2004
There is increasing adoption of mobile and wireless devices, with tablet PCs expected to gain more and more in popularity in the next few years.
Posted 16 Sep 2004
The majority of the call centers and agent positions will move to nearshore/offshore positions, but others will be lost due to increasing self-service options available to customers and DNC regulations.
Posted 03 Sep 2004
There's a high correlation between poorly delivered email support and [poor] customer loyalty.
Posted 02 Sep 2004
A handful of McDonald's restaurants have drive-through voice communications routed via a high-speed line to a call center, rather than to an employee on location.
Posted 01 Sep 2004
The time has come once again for CRM magazine to reward excellence and achievement among vendors in the CRM industry. CRM vendors have individually and collectively worked to build confidence in the discipline, and those efforts are paying off. According to AMR Research, companies are still making modest-but-measurable increases in their spending on customer management tools and strategies, to the tune of an additional $600 million in spending expected for 2004. Interest is strongest among midmarket and SMB firms, which we classify as those companies under $1 billion and under $100 million in annual revenues, respectively. But there was plenty to stir things up this year. Read on to see what companies prevailed from 2003, and how others are leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Posted 01 Sep 2004 [September 2004 Issue]
The time has come once again for CRM magazine to reward excellence and achievement among vendors in the CRM industry. CRM vendors have individually and collectively worked to build confidence in the discipline, and those efforts are paying off. According to AMR Research, companies are still making modest-but-measurable increases in their spending on customer management tools and strategies, to the tune of an additional $600 million in spending expected for 2004. Interest is strongest among midmarket and SMB firms, which we classify as those companies under $1 billion and under $100 million in annual revenues, respectively. But there was plenty to stir things up this year. Read on to see what companies prevailed from 2003, and how others are leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Posted 01 Sep 2004 [September 2004 Issue]
The time has come once again for CRM magazine to reward excellence and achievement among vendors in the CRM industry. CRM vendors have individually and collectively worked to build confidence in the discipline, and those efforts are paying off. According to AMR Research, companies are still making modest-but-measurable increases in their spending on customer management tools and strategies, to the tune of an additional $600 million in spending expected for 2004. Interest is strongest among midmarket and SMB firms, which we classify as those companies under $1 billion and under $100 million in annual revenues, respectively. But there was plenty to stir things up this year. Read on to see what companies prevailed from 2003, and how others are leaving an indelible mark on the industry.
Posted 26 Aug 2004 [September 2004 Issue]
Companies attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of their CRM programs based on benchmark data, but these evaluation methods tend to ignore the customer's opinion.
Posted 23 Aug 2004
The server market is moving toward Linux, so it only makes sense that CRM application vendors make their products available on the platform.
Posted 06 Aug 2004
Consumers use these hot spots, but the driving force behind the installations is the needs of traveling salespeople and other mobile professionals.
Posted 10 Jun 2004
Salesforce.com, citing the quite period surrounding IPOs, would not comment on the amended prospectus.
Posted 04 Jun 2004
The settlement covers nearly 100,000 SBC workers, including those working in call centers, technicians, installers, and telephone operators.
Posted 28 May 2004
Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina lead the rapidly growing Latin American call center market. Most notably, Mexico and Argentina are gaining popularity among U.S. firms for their call center needs.
Posted 25 May 2004
The company has announced what it calls verticalized on-demand CRM solutions designed to meet specific industry needs.
Posted 12 May 2004
The acquisition of CenterForce Technologies by Concerto will present some challenges for Concerto, but will solidify its offerings.
Posted 26 Apr 2004
Posted 01 Aug 2003 [August 2003 Issue]
Gartner consultant Ed Thompson offered eight building blocks for successful CRM projects.
Posted 01 Jul 2003 [July 2003 Issue]
Posted 01 May 2003 [May 2003 Issue]
To achieve enterprisewide strategies and solutions, companies will need to blend an enterprisewide strategic vision with business intelligence expertise and business process management skills.
Posted 10 Mar 2003
Attendees of the NCR Teradata user conference got the inside scoop on how British Airways and others are integrating data to streamline costs.
Posted 12 Dec 2002 [December 2002 Issue]
When adopting or building a CRM program, companies should make sure that the needs of their wireless users are considered early on.
Posted 17 Dec 2001
As customer interaction centers struggle to implement technology, speech recognition technology is emerging as a viable tool--but not a complete solution.
Posted 26 Sep 2001
Semiconductor component manufacturer and supplier Diodes introduces a more efficient rectifier for handhelds, as PowerSmart and Intersil partner to develop more effective mobile power management solutions.
Posted 01 Aug 2001
"I'm looking at different vendors some of whom have very innovative, cost effective solutions. But they don't have long track records. Is it worth it do go with a smaller player in today's economy?" 3G technology will revolutionize the wireless industry, and the wireless user.
Posted 10 Jul 2001
Traveling salesmen and other mobile professionals who want to have a phone, text messaging and multiple methods of Web access have needed to carry several different devices to client meetings, which leads to much fumbling with the devices and an increased probability of leaving one or more behind. The new smartphones will make this common dilemma a thing of the past.
Posted 02 Mar 2001
Nextel Communications is providing new applications for mobile workers in the transportation, delivery and warehousing industries, as well as four-in-one digital wireless capability.
Posted 08 Feb 2001
An examination of the middleware required to connect wireless devices to the enterprise.
Posted 04 Jan 2001
In the age of e-business, anything that interrupts your data systems can spell disaster--from acts of nature to human interference to mechanical failure. So advance planning is more important than ever.
Posted 21 Nov 2000 [December 2000 Issue]
Internet commerce demands a high level of real-time customer service. Today's desk systems can, well, help.
Posted 24 Oct 2000 [November 2000 Issue]
At the ICCM Call Center Management Expo, new technologies took center stage.
Posted 27 Sep 2000 [October 2000 Issue]
Customer relationship management was one of the many issues highlighted at Supercomm 2000 in June in Atlanta.
Posted 29 Aug 2000 [September 2000 Issue]
New marketing automation tools capture and process product information to hasten development.
Posted 29 Aug 2000 [September 2000 Issue]
CRM analytics solutions are helping companies learn more about the value of customers in an effort to plan processes and strategies.
Posted 30 Jul 2000
While the security industry and mainstream media have spotlighted high-level cyber-attacks, less sophisticated assaults could bring down your business.
Posted 21 Jul 2000
Now that the utility industry is facing deregulation, electric and natural gas companies are looking to customer relationship management systems to help retain current customers and to recruit new ones. Even so, the development of interactive customer services is still in its infancy in this industry.
Posted 21 Jul 2000
Finali and eConvergent join forces to revive live chat for customer service
Posted 21 Jul 2000 [August 2000 Issue]
Get to know your customers better with CRM analytics software.
Posted 26 Jun 2000 [July 2000 Issue]
Widespread attacks on the Internet present a plethora of business problems.
Posted 23 Jun 2000 [July 2000 Issue]
Gas and electric utilities are turning to the Internet to retain customers in the face of deregulation and growing competition.
Posted 22 Jun 2000 [July 2000 Issue]
Creating an interactive business environment first requires that a company examine its goals and link its various processes into one collaborative effort.
Posted 01 Mar 2000 [March 2000 Issue]
It's not the confusion between feet and meters that has customer interaction centers in a tizzy, but when it comes to measuring quantity versus quality, it's been as much of a struggle. It doesn't have to be.
Posted 01 Jan 2000 [March 2000 Issue]
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