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Starting a new business is challenging. Having it succeed is even more challenging, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that 20 percent of new businesses fail within the first two years, 45 percent during the first five years, and 65 percent during the first 10 years.

But Go Flooring, which sells and installs hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, and vinyl flooring from locations in North Carolina and Georgia, not only beat those odds, it rang up $12 million in sales in its first year. The company was founded by Kenny Klinger in October 2022.

While there were a lot of factors in the company’s first-year success, Klinger credits a lot of it to the Roomvo Visualizer, which Go Flooring uses to enable shoppers to see how flooring options would look in their homes. Roomvo, a Leap Tools company, has been extremely successful in converting prospects into customers, Klinger says.

While Go Flooring has showrooms at its retail locations and also sends salespeople armed with samples to prospects’ homes, it’s not the same as a customer being able to see how the flooring will actually look upon installation, according to Klinger.

“When we were looking to start our company, we looked at the large [flooring] manufacturers, like Shaw Industries and Mohawk. They had this technology,” Klinger says.

Roomvo’s Visualizer technology enables shoppers to upload their own photos or choose from pre-selected rooms to see their flooring choices come to life in a real room scene. Visualizer automatically detects lighting, shadows, product variations, and more for the most realistic results possible.

Rather than having prospects use the visualization technology from one of the manufacturers, Klinger thought it would be better for Go Flooring’s salespeople to be able to use it when discussing flooring with prospects. This would enable customers to consider flooring from different manufacturers rather than just a single one.

“We wanted to manage it ourselves with the variety of products that we are offering to the consumer,” Klinger says. “We took it upon ourselves to partner with Roomvo.”

Klinger chose Roomvo because the company was already working with Shaw, Mohawk, and other top manufacturers that Go Flooring carries. “It was a clear and obvious choice. And [the technology] integrated with ours. We were able to plug their API directly into our website and quoting platform so that we can show the customer how the flooring would look in their home as we are quoting them. Some of the other applications wouldn’t allow you to switch as easily from one product to another or be able to change the angle,” he says. “Roomvo offered us the full functionality that we wanted.

“We came to market with the technology understanding how it was going to benefit us and our customers in making decisions. From day one, having that available has certainly accelerated our growth,” Klinger adds.

In addition to the $12 million in sales, Go Flooring has achieved profit margins in excess of 20 percent. Roomvo also helped Go Flooring achieve a demo-to-close ratio higher than 30 percent, according to Klinger.

He hopes to expand Go Flooring’s success with Roomvo and other marketing strategies in 2024 and beyond. Among his considerations is the ability for customers to take their own pictures of rooms and upload them into Visualizer. Though Roomvo has offered that capability for years, Go Flooring has yet to turn it on. “This will help build excitement,” Klinger states. 

The Payoff

Roomvo's Visualizer helped Go Flooring achieve the following results in its first of business:

  • $12 million in sales;
  • a demo-to-close rate above 30 percent; and
  • profit margins in excess of 20 percent.

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