Openprise Adds Attribution Capabilities

Openprise has added campaign attribution capabilities to its Openprise Data Orchestration Platform to help marketers understand the effectiveness of their campaigns and their impact through buyers' journeys.

The new Data Orchestration attributions include the following:

  • First touch, last touch, and multitouch attribution to reflect the dynamics of each buyer's journey;
  • Multiple attribution models that can be run simultaneously to identify the best fit;
  • Account-based marketing measurement to show marketing's contribution at each stage of a sales cycle;
  • Custom attribution models that take into account the unique requirements of any company; and
  • Analytics to graphically represent the impact of each campaign on an opportunity or demand unit.

According to Openprise, traditional marketing attribution solution vendors have focused on delivering increasingly complex attribution models and slick user interfaces.

"Most [attribution] solutions are focused on developing increasing complex models and sexy graphics. The reality, though, is that in the real world the biggest challenge in attribution is cleaning up the data for any of those models to work. Only Openrise combines attribution with data cleansing and normalization capabilities to provide a more accurate attribution picture," says Allen Pogorzelski, Openprise's vice president of marketing.

To overcome this problem, Openprise is designed to address the following:

  • Duplicate leads and contacts — When multiple leads and contacts for the same person exist or an opportunity doesn't reflect all of the campaigns in which the person participated, those campaigns aren't properly credited. Openprise can automatically merge these leads and contacts to ensure more precise attribution.
  • Opportunities with missing contacts — It's very common in many companies to have few or no contacts associated with an opportunity, which makes it impossible to correctly attribute the first touch and last touch that resulted in the opportunity. Openprise can automatically associate additional leads and contacts with an opportunity based on activity data to dramatically improve attribution accuracy.
  • Mass lead imports by salespeople — It's not uncommon for new salespeople to mass update thousands of leads from their personal databases or previous employers when those leads have never expressed interest in a company. This leads to very inaccurate first touch attribution. Openprise can automatically exclude leads and contacts from attribution models based on a variety of criteria.

"As with any other sales and marketing process, attribution models are only as good as the underlying data foundation," Pogorzelski says. "We've taken a fundamentally different approach than other technology companies in looking at the real-world problems that have hindered accurate attribution, and we've automated the dozens of underlying processes you have to get right first before you can show the shiny graphics. As a result, more and more companies are simplifying their martech stack by moving the attribution process to Openprise, as they've also done with lead routing, data cleansing, lead scoring, data enrichment, and other processes."

"To be effective, every marketing organization must know what is really working to drive pipeline and revenue, but this has been almost impossible because the data has been either absent or wrong," said Kerry Cunningham, Forrester Research's senior director of marketing operations and demand management.

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