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RSVD is a Los Angeles-based technology company that helps other companies manage events, reservations, and capacity. It has created a custom appointments platform that allows customers to book times to visit businesses or access amenities. Event organizers that use RSVD’s products can even make it possible for event attendees to skip the lines at beer tents, food trucks, and merchandise booths.

“This enables attendees to have a much better experience than if they need to wait in line for hours,” says Rommia White, RSVD’s general manager.

The company started when its founders saw the need for such a technology at the popular South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, a large-scale event for the interactive, film, and music industries that takes place in Austin, Texas, in the spring.

SXSW was one of the first major events canceled in 2020 as a result of COVID-19. Every other major event followed suit, ending the need for online reservations like those provided by RSVD. But at the same time, another opportunity was opening up for RSVD. Businesses of all sorts looking to maintain government-mandated social distancing standards could turn to RSVD to manage capacity.

“Right now, there are a lot of Band-Aid solutions for businesses to put in place before they reopen,” says Brandon Stuart, chief marketing officer and cofounder of RSVD. “While our original business model was built on the ideas of convenience and that people did not want to waste time standing in line, the outbreak of COVID-19 and the necessity of social distancing made us realize our technology could be used to increase safety and help implement social distancing, and that the technology would be valuable to all types of businesses where people typically have to wait in line or for an appointment. And those types of businesses include farmers’ markets, gyms, small businesses, franchises—any business that doesn’t have a tech team or big budget to build the technology themselves.”

But to pivot to this new market, the company needed to find a way to promote its capabilities. It connected with MountainTop Data to do just that.

MountainTop Data started by helping RSVD identify target audiences. It provided RSVD with on-demand access, through the TopData Search platform, to its business marketing database so RSVD could pull whatever target contact data it wanted.

RSVD qualified for MountainTop Data’s scholarship program, which provides start-ups with free access to its business contact information to be used in sales or marketing. The typical information in that dataset includes phone numbers and email and mailing addresses, but it can be further expanded based on target market criteria for direct sales and marketing activities, according to MountainTop Data.

Had it not been for MountainTop’s scholarship program, similar B2B list/data access could have cost RSVD tens of thousands of dollars per year.

In two months, between the middle of April and the middle of June, RSVD downloaded more than 43,500 unique business contact records, saving not only lots of money but also hours of time that would have been spent on research. That many records would have cost about $64,000.

With those records, the company has increased its sales activity pipeline by 30 percent. RSVD is continuing to work at converting as many of these new contacts as possible into sales and evaluating more of the MountainTop database for additional leads. 

The Payoff

Since starting to work with MountainTop Data, RSVD has done the following:

  • downloaded 184 customer contact lists with a total of 43,531 unique records;
  • increased its sales pipeline activity (contacting, qualifying, demo, proposals, etc.) by 30 percent; and
  • saved about $64,000 through MountainTop’s scholarship program, providing start-ups with free access to its database of B2B contact records.

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