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Cuts Clothing, a Los Angeles-based business-casual fashion label, began in 2016 when founder and CEO Steven Borrelli was struggling to find the perfect T-shirt that had enough quality to be worn at work yet also enough style for a night out on the town. The company has expanded from its original T-shirts to other clothing, including women’s wear.

From its earliest days the company had been working with Shopify to develop its e-commerce marketing, including Shopify-provided templates. However, there were some issues with site performance and scalability, so the clothier decided to build a custom front end from scratch. This included its own content management system (CMS) and many custom integrations to pull everything together.

With it, Cuts offered an improved user experience and higher site speed, which led to a bump in business, according to Brennan Eccles, the company’s senior director of marketing.

However, agility suffered. The Cuts team struggled to deliver truly engaging marketing campaigns. The CMS was too developer-focused and very tedious to manage, according to Eccles. “We were seeing improved metrics across the board, but it was bulky and slow. One of the strong suits of our company is content and marketing. We were lightning fast, but sometimes it seemed like we were driving with a blindfold on. [In contrast, the CMS] was excruciatingly slow. We had a lot more projects that we wanted to roll out but couldn’t.”

A central element in Cuts’ marketing strategy is short-term deals, but the legacy CMS couldn’t be updated quickly enough for the daily and weekly changes marketing wanted. So Cuts looked for a better solution.

Cuts had worked with Pack (formerly Pack Digital) on an e-commerce platform several years earlier and gave the company another look when it was time for a CMS overhaul. Pack’s digital experience platform is a headless, front-end system that acts primarily as a content repository, with content accessible via a programming interface for display on any device without the added work of creating a built-in front end or presentation layer.

It turned out that Pack’s digital experience platform was the right choice. It offered the technical capabilities of the legacy CMS without the legacy technology. It also offered a modern and fast site experience without being cumbersome, producing content in a way that provided the Cuts’ team the agility needed to continue to scale.

Cuts went live with the Pack digital experience platform in the spring of 2022.

The biggest impact that Pack provided was a more streamlined and easier-to-use digital experience platform, according to Eccles. The system’s Customizer feature enabled Cuts to stand up landing pages, easily launch campaigns, and provide better predictability and management of the online store in far less time.

“In the time I could do one landing page before, I can probably do 10 to 15 now,” Eccles says. “With Pack, we have a much better rhythm.”

The move to Pack, using Customizer, saved enough time on tedious updates that Cuts’ team was free to focus on new campaigns and content.

Cuts’ work with Pack has been instrumental in helping it meet and sustain goals, contributing to 200 percent year-over-year growth. Since working with Pack, Cuts has also seen a 21 percent increase in conversion rates and a 9 percent increase in average order value, which has been a huge boost for Cuts’ bottom line.

The clothier has been able to accomplish all this while maintaining a very lean marketing team, according to Eccles. The next step in the company’s evolution, though, will be to expand its marketing team to better customize campaigns, and Pack’s digital experience platform will be right there with them to manage it all.

The Payoff

Using Pack's digital experience platform, Cuts Clothing has seen the following results: 

  • 200 percent year-over-year growth;
  • a 21 percent increase in conversion rates; and
  • a 9 percent increase in average order value.

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