Verint Launches Knowledge Anywhere KM Enhancements

Verint Systems today introduced "knowledge anywhere" enhancements to the Verint Knowledge Management Professional solution.

The enhancements include artificial intelligence and automation designed to provide a seamless, intelligent, and efficient way to connect people to knowledge.

"With traditional knowledge management solutions, it's kind of like finding a needle in a haystack," says Kelly Koelliker, Verint's director of content marketing. "They require a lot of tagging and linking to bring everything together."

She noted that unlike many other AI solutions that require large data sets and months of machine learning training, the new automated, cloud-based solution from Verint leverages AI to understand industry-specific concepts out of the box.

Additionally, traditional tagging and linking use specific words and phrases in culling information. The Verint AI enhancements, on the other hand, use a combination of machine learning and natural language understanding to understand concepts rather than specific words.

"It will see what people click on over time to refine the searches," Koelliker says.

Another advantage of the upgraded Verint Knowledge Management Professional solution, Koelliker says, is that it understands industry concepts. So if a consumer is contacting a financial services company about a card, for example, the technology will pull up payment card knowledge. But if that same person uses the word card when contacting a telephone company, the technology will pull up information about SIM cards.

"KM products of the past work more like a searchable warehouse of answers rather than the human brain. We knew there had to be a better way," added John Goodson, Verint's senior vice president and and general manager of products, in a statement. "AI powers our solution to understand nuances in how people ask questions—what people mean, not what they type. It also anticipates what people want and predicts what they are about to ask even before they do. It's what the market needs, and we're thrilled to offer a solution that dramatically reduces the effort for agents and self-service applications to better serve their customers."

There are three potential customers for the enhanced product: contact center agents using it to help answer emails and online chats; businesses using it to better enable customers with self-service, and companies using it to help employees with their own company-based knowledge needs, according to Koelliker.

Some Verint Knowledge Management Professional customers are already using the product; others will receive it in a phased approach depending on the type of installation (cloud, on-premises) they have.

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