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Eventige Media Group, a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency based in New York and North Carolina, wasn’t getting to qualified leads quickly enough and was wasting time on unqualified leads.

“We were having an overwhelming number of leads come in and saw the quality of the response rate was declining; we were not properly managing the promise to our customers,” explains Roman Rabinovich, the company’s vice president of business development.

With so many leads coming in, it was critical that Eventige respond quickly to the best prospects and not waste time on those companies too small to be good clients. The company started to develop CRM apps to script emails and to connect with project management and accounting software in an attempt to address these issues.

Even though the self-developed applications automated some CRM capabilities, they were still far too slow, according to Rabinovich. “It was taking minutes at a time, and that was unacceptable,” he says.

While minutes might not seem long to some, in the highly competitive, fast-moving marketing and advertising space, that lag time was costing Eventige money.

It’s a highly competitive industry, and if a firm doesn’t respond within the first five minutes, the chances of closing the sale go down precipitously, Rabinovich says. “They are shopping for a service. Our goal is to get them to stop shopping. If they don’t get an answer, they will contact a competitor.

“The ability to delight someone in the first five minutes is priceless. They feel the quality of the service through the promptness of your offering,” he adds.

Eventige officials saw quickly that another solution was needed. The agency found what it wanted in HubSpot.

“It had the automation and workflow that we wanted,” Rabinovich says. “It allows us to be less focused on the CRM and more focused on the customer. We’re here to achieve a goal—servicing our customers. Tech is just there to help us achieve our goal. If we can automate the administrative tasks, it frees up our time to spend on revenue generation.”

Eventige customers also prefer to get immediately down to business rather than spending time on a call providing detailed company information that the Eventige marketer then has to enter into the system.

As they did under the old system, customers initially contact Eventige via its website, but now they fill out a form with company information that HubSpot reads and converts to connections in the project management, accounting, and calendar system if a customer is “qualified.”

Prospects without their own email domains and those with only limited marketing budgets aren’t good fits, so they are automatically rejected, Rabinovich says. Some companies might have a small marketing budget for a three-month project, but Eventige looks for customers with marketing budgets to sustain campaigns of six months or longer.

Even though the implementation of HubSpot didn’t occur until March, the results have been dramatic, according to Rabinovich.

Thanks to the more efficient calendar system, appointments with prospects have jumped 30 percent. By eliminating unqualified prospects at the outset rather than spending time on the phone only to find them unsuitable, Eventige saves about three hours a day. And with more appointments and less wasted time, revenue has grown 20 percent.

“The next steps are to make HubSpot’s CRM the core of our marketing and sales operation,” Rabinovich says. “The CRM will allow us to connect our content strategy, social media marketing, and email marketing activities into the HubSpot ecosystem. This will allow us to save even more time in the future because we will be using one centralized tool for all marketing and sales activities while eliminating the stand-alone tools that have previously created inefficiencies.”

The Payoff

Since implementing HubSpot CRM, Eventige has seen the following results:

  • appointment bookings increase by 30 percent;
  • revenue increase by 20 percent; and
  • three hours of rep time saved per day.

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