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Tax Saving Professionals offers advanced tax-saving strategies for business and medical professionals seeking to keep more of what they earn.

Amid strong growth over the past few years, Tax Savings Pros outgrew its legacy CRM system, says Jen Amos, director of marketing. “Not only that, it was a lot of garbage in, garbage out. The data wasn’t very reliable.”

The problem was initially recognized in 2017, but it took time to build a business case to convince executives at the Vero Beach, Fla., company to replace its legacy systems.

Tax Savings Pros initially hired a consultant to choose a new system, but the consultant failed to get the proper input from all of the departments that would use the new solution and chose a limited “point” solution that didn’t have all of the capabilities of a more robust CRM system. As a result, Tax Savings Pros needed to cobble on top of it additional platforms for marketing, payment processing, commissions reporting, and more.

“What we wound up doing was creating a Frankenstein,” Amos recalls.

Then Amos found SugarCRM and its Sugar Market solution. “I needed a system that was going to enable me to easily and efficiently create all of the marketing materials, whether it was a landing page or a form or a series of emails. And I needed to have a plug and play into the CRM system so I didn’t have to worry about calling lists.”

Because of how disjointed its CRM system was, Tax Savings Pros struggled through the setup and integration with Sugar Market. Everything finally went live in January 2020.

Sugar Market has provided Amos with numerous time-saving benefits. “For every single email I have to send out—there are probably eight per week—it saves me about 30 minutes, because I no longer have to pull lists. For every one of those emails, I can now work off a template rather than creating one from scratch. That saves me another three hours a week.”

Amos has also been able to increase the number of automated marketing campaigns by a factor of six, while also having the benefits of comprehensive marketing reporting, a capability she didn’t have with the previous marketing platform.

The success with Sugar Market and the difficulty of working with different platforms for different CRM-related capabilities prompted Tax Savings Pros to jettison its “Frankenstein” CRM system and replace it with SugarCRM, which was scheduled to go live at the beginning of September.

“I began looking for a different [CRM] platform in August of 2019,” Amos said. “I demoed a lot of different platforms. I was looking for something that was easy to integrate with what we already had. We needed a platform that was easy to use and efficient.

“With SugarCRM, we are able to integrate the dialer and text messaging, which is going to save us a lot of time on the sales side—about 20 minutes per lead, and we have thousands,” Amos says. “We’re also going to have a way to verify and confirm meetings with clients via texting. That will help reduce the number of no-shows to client meetings.”

A SugarCRM dashboard will replace the spreadsheet Tax Savings Pros currently uses for fulfillment, according to Amos, who expects the same time savings from SugarCRM that she has received from Sugar Market. 

The Payoff

After going live with Sugar Market, Tax Savings Pros has seen the following results:

  • 30 minutes saved per email sent from marketing;
  • three hours saved per week by leveraging templates, and
  • the number of automated marketing campaigns increased by a factor of six.

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