PipelineDeals Launches SuperShare

PipelineDeals today launched SuperShare, an application that lets users share CRM information in real time with business partners.

With SuperShare, PipelineDeals subscribers can choose the current deals they want to share directly from the PipelineDeals List Views feature, which offers customizable lists of contacts, deals, or people, within the app. Subscribers can invite external collaborators to view the data in a secure format, regardless of whether the collaborator has a PipelineDeals subscription. 

Once an email invitation is accepted, the external user has a free PipelineDeals SuperShare account that includes access to the Deals page. 

The advantage is that businesses involved with a deal don’t have to worry about spending time writing and keeping track of countless emails relating to the deal, downloading spreadsheets with certain data, or preparing reports to share information.

"Companies today have business across the world, with partners on different platforms," says Michael Dempsey, PipelineDeals' product manager, noting that the result is often long email strings with necessary information, like the cost of goods or delivery dates. "Supershare is a way to get that noise out and dig into the data between a user and partner around that list of deals. The company can limit the partner to key data so nothing is shared that is proprietary or secret. You don't have to search through emails for data. Everything is right there. You can tell partners anything you want in free form and they get tagged on it."

Reece Supply, a wholesale supplier to the sign, screen printing and digital imaging industries, was involved in a pilot of the technology. "Through SuperShare we can connect and share directly with our vendor partners directly from PipelineDeals in a matter of a few clicks," said Don Hartford, director of business development at Dallas-based Reece Supply, in a statement. "This instant collaboration increases communication and decreases the chances of details being missed due to multiple people being involved in the sales cycle. It also creates accountability on all levels, both internally and externally, and we can follow up with all of the history of a deal in one place.

"For businesses like ours, where multiple salespeople are on multiple deals, SuperShare is designed to ensure that communication is smooth, time is saved, and deals can close faster.," he continued.

"We have been living in a siloed funnel world for too long," said JP Werlin, PipelineDeals' co-founder and CEO, in a statement. "PipelineDeals recognizes that modern sales pipelines span across multiple companies and that winning requires teamwork. With SuperShare, any business can freely connect within the world they do business in. With SuperShare, our customers can save time, accelerate collaboration, and build game-changing relationships with all types of companies.

"We believe that sales software shouldn’t be a barrier to building to relationships but an enabler, even between companies," he added.

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