Brimag Improves Efficiencies, NPS Scores with CommBox

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Brimag Service is the service division of Brimag, the importer and official service provider in Israel for international brands such as LG, Beko, Braun, Panasonic, DeLonghi, Hoover, and Babyliss. It handles thousands of service calls a month with its complement of agents, technicians, and installation specialists.

Like so many other companies worldwide, Brimag Service found it challenging to stay fully staffed as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold about three years ago. Even when the worst of the pandemic was over, the company still had a hard time staying fully staffed, especially in the call center. “It started to be an issue to recruit new agents due to the job content—people wanted more interesting jobs and a salary to match. It forced us to think in a creative way,” says Galit Karadi, its CEO.

About a year ago, the severity of the agent shortage forced Brimag Service to seek a single solution that could efficiently handle phone calls and emails, Karadi says. “We already had a CRM and an IVR; we needed all of the communications in a single place. We talked to a lot of top managers; we were looking for a company with a good name in the marketplace.”

Those discussions led Brimag Service to CommBox, which had the desired reputation, bolstered by a far superior solution than competitors, according to Karadi. “It’s easy and very user-friendly. Also very important to us was the management part. {We wanted] a dashboard to track performance across the customer journey so that we can see how the agent is performing, customer satisfaction ratings, and wait times [for a customer to reach an agent].”

CommBox’s unified CX platform is designed to enable agents to manage all omnichannel messaging communications throughout the entire customer lifecycle with advanced analytics, conversational AI, and an intuitive interface. CommBox also offers an inbox and outbox for teams.

The installation took a little more than two weeks, with CommBox working closely with Brimag Service to connect channels; train administrators and agents; set up reports and dashboards; and implement customizations and routing.

“There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach,” Karadi says. “We completed the project successfully in the time we set. The entire project was smooth.”

And Karadi hasn’t looked back since. “We have been consistently impressed with the level of care and attention that CommBox has provided. Their project management team and our dedicated customer success manager are not only knowledgeable, but they are also incredibly friendly and personable. They go above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met and that we are completely satisfied with their services. They always take the time to answer our questions and provide personalized solutions, which helps our company resolve any issues in a timely manner.”

Since going live with CommBox, Brimag Service has become much more efficient, according to Karadi. Manual tasks have been cut in half now that repetitive inquiries and tasks have been automated using AI and intent-driven engagement.

Brimag Service agents, who had previously been limited to handling a single call at a time, can now multitask and communicate with as many as 20 customers simultaneously. Additionally, Brimag Service has seen its Net Promoter Scores increase by a factor of eight. The CommBox solution has also contributed to a 35 percent increase in sales.

Karadi expects to derive even more benefits from CommBox as Brimag Service further refines the application, including ways to provide summations of conversations to help agents and managers, as well as ways to further increase customer satisfaction. 

The Payoff

Since adopting the CommBox solution, Brimag Service has seen the following results:

  • sales have increased 35 percent;
  • Net Promoter Scores have increased eightfold;
  • manual tasks have been cut in half due to automation;
  • human capital costs have declined 18 percent; and
  • agents are able to handle 20 customer interactions simultaneously, compared to a single interaction.

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