Booksy Increases Bookings with Bidalgo: A CRM Elite Customer Awards Case Study

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Booksy provides a mobile app for consumers looking to schedule appointments at hair salons, makeup studios, gyms, and similar service providers. It ran video ads on Facebook and Instagram encouraging viewers to download the Booksy app, and more than 1 million people did just that. 


Although the videos were effective at driving initial installs, new users didn’t necessarily register with the app or book appointments through it.

To be more successful, Booksy clearly needed to scale up quickly, which wasn’t possible using the methods readily at its disposal. 

“If we’d like to get wider reach of traffic on the B2B side, we need to use pretty sophisticated tools and methods. That’s why [user-acquisition] efforts are not the same as in the gaming industry or in other typical B2C companies. They have scale but have problems with quality and engagement. We also have problems with scale, so that means that we need to feed our funnel with the best possible quality of traffic to nurture it and push down through the [sales] funnel,” says Grzegorz Garczynski, Booksy’s head of digital marketing.

Garczynski immediately started looking for a solution that would enable Booksy to scale more effectively by making the marketing efforts more efficient. He eventually turned to Bidalgo for help analyzing Booksy’s video creative to understand which elements resonated with viewers. Though he looked at other solutions, the first contact with Bildago convinced Garczynski that Bidalgo’s AI solution would best serve his needs.


Bidalgo AI automates the entire workflow, including dynamic budget allocation, cost optimization, ad creation, and real-time budget management.

Getting up and running with Bidalgo AI was easy, according to Garczynski. The Booksy marketing team simply entered minimal information, such as business targets, total campaign budgets, and initial creative, into the app. Bidalgo AI handled everything else, providing full campaign automation and creation.

By automating these processes, Booksy was able to worry less about campaign management and instead focus on next-generation, high-performing creatives, a shift that has accelerated performance, customer acquisition, and other important metrics.

Additionally, Booksy was able to use the analysis in Bildalgo’s creative studio to examine the company’s video ads. Bidalgo AI analyzed multiple variables in Booksy’s ad creative, including colors, background images, tone, style, and so on, and reported on which elements drove the best performance. Bidalgo’s in-house studio then created a new high-performing video that served as a template for the next generation of videos created by Booksy’s creative studio. 

According to Garczynski, these videos are critical to improving conversions from the app, moving prospects from the top of the sales funnel, where they are just looking, to the bottom, where they are actually scheduling appointments with Booksy’s business customers.

“Bidalgo AI has allowed us to dramatically improve our conversions and lower our costs,” Garczynski says. “We now have more time to focus on our marketing strategy and on our creative strategy. With the help of Bidalgo, we have managed to improve our creative performance significantly.”

Since the company started using Bidalgo, the number of merchants using Booksy to handle their appointments has been on a “hockey stick” curve up, according to Garczynski. “Of course, we fixed other things in our product, but our performance finally looked really, really effective.”

Additionally, Booksy has enjoyed a 40 percent higher conversion rate, a 34 percent lower cost per registration, and a 40 percent reduction in cost per action.

Garczynski expects Booksy to expand its usage of Bildalgo AI. “Better understanding and content efforts from our side should boost our current activities,” he explains.

He also expects Booksy to develop a deeper understanding of all of its other acquisition channels thanks to more data and background, which Bidalgo will be able to provide.

Another goal for the company is to decrease customer acquisition costs even further, according to Garczynski. “We have to find cheaper traffic, and I hope that Bidalgo still will be our partner in this journey,” he says. —Phillip Britt

Real Results

  • A 40 percent increase in conversions. 
  • A 34 percent reduction in cost per registration. 
  • A 40 percent reduction in cost per action.
  • A stark increase in the number of service providers using Booksy to handle their appointment scheduling.

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