Folloze Expands AI-Driven Personalization Engine

Folloze today unveiled substantial enhancements and new data integration capabilities for its AI-powered personalization engine.

Folloze's personalization engine is designed to enable companies to create highly engaging and data-powered hyper-personalized experiences across every customer touchpoint initiated by a variety of factors to help users increase conversions, grow their pipelines, and improve sales velocity.

New partner integrations with Demandbase bring even more data into the equation and allow users to to create intent-based personalized experiences for omnichannel campaign. The engine also now offers an identity mapping open framework that leverages customers' known identities for personalization and analytics, integrated with Salesforce.com and Oracle Eloqua.

Among the features of the updated personalization engine are the following:

  • Full-cycle personalization: Enabling users to deliver multichannel, personalized experiences across the entire buyer journey, both for inbound and outbound campaigns, for marketing and sales touchpoints.
  • Real-time identity matching: Enabling users to transform unknown leads to known leads in real time based on third-party sources such as Oracle Eloqua.
  • Dynamic seller mapping: Enabling users to dynamically determine the most appropriate seller for an account, present relevant seller contact card, and connect account with seller for communication and sales alerts.
  • Integration with Demandbase Dynamic Audiences: Enabling users to configure real-time account-based experiences at scale by leveraging the Demandbase Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Platform dynamic audiences defined by intent, behavior, firmographics, and more.
  • Enriched content personalization: Enabling on-the-fly mapping of content to account or persona firmographic to auto-select every experience element, including promoted content.

"Today's ABM marketers understand that engaging with their accounts and prospects in a deeply personalized and compelling way is critical and requires deep insight into the customer," said Jeff Freeman, vice president of product adoption at Demandbase, in a statement. "We are excited to partner with Folloze on their latest release, the first solution to leverage Demandbase dynamic audiences. Together, we create a compelling experience across the entire buyer journey at scale, maximizing our mutual customers' ability to transform prospects into opportunities."

"B2B buyers value and expect hyper-personalized, interactive, and curated experiences throughout their entire journey from the very first interaction," said David Brutman, Folloze's co-founder and chief product officer, in a statement. "Prior attempts to address this led to first-generation solutions such as lightweight web personalization. But a next-generation solution like Folloze leverages access to intent, location, and other relevant data on prospects, coupled with AI, to create deep, full-cycle personalization. This empowers marketers and sales teams to create personal interactions, strong, meaningful customer relationships, and trust. And trust, in the end, is what drives business."

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