• March 12, 2020

Folloze Launches Personalized Marketing Platform

Folloze has launched the Personalized Marketing Platform to help B2B marketing teams deliver relevant and contextual experiences across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Powered by data-driven machine learning and intelligence, the Folloze Personalized Marketing Platform supports account-based marketing (ABM) strategies and is capable of automatically scaling to engage an infinite number of accounts.

"For every B2B company, data-driven account-based engagement represents the new table stakes for fueling long-term growth," said David Brutman, chief product officer and co-founder of Folloze, in a statement. "Companies that fail to act will be at a significant competitive disadvantage in the marketplace. The Folloze Personalized Marketing Platform empowers revenue marketing teams to break free from the limitations of legacy systems that were designed for automating top-of-the-funnel demand-generation activities. Through real-time and contextual personalization, Folloze makes it easy for marketers to scale their account based marketing programs and build personalized customer journeys that drive the right action."

The real-time nature of the Folloze Personalized Marketing Platform harnesses data-driven automation, content intelligence, and machine learning to create personalized experiences across every phase of the customer journey It includes the following:

  • Content Intelligence Center: A recommendation, analytics, and management service that engages customers at the right time with the most relevant and highest-performing content. To consistently optimize these content experiences, the platform uses AI-based self-learning from fellow marketing teams, data-tagging. and matching rules.
  • Data Services: The platform combines multidimensional data from first- and third-party account data sources, including embedded firmographic, business context, and intent.
  • Personalization Studio: From a drag-and-drop authoring environment, marketing teams can execute personalization campaigns at any scale. For each unique campaign and customer journey, the Personalization Studio uses rules and dynamic decisions that define the underlying content, messaging, creative, and calls to action.
  • Sales Activation:The Folloze platform enables marketers to create and execute highly targeted and personalized campaigns across every stage of the customer lifecycle for their sales counterparts.
  • Account Engagement Analytics: Folloze includes deep metrics and analytics that measure account engagement across experiences, determined by content viewing time and conversion rates. By scoring and measuring both account engagement and topics of interest, Folloze delivers timely insights to sales and marketing teams and dynamically informs next steps for each unique customer journey.

"When most B2B marketers think of personalization, they think about customizing a moment in time like a website visit or an ad view," said David Ly, vice president of Americas Marketing at FireEye, in a statement. "The Folloze platform helps us to personalize the entire customer journey with deeply contextual, educational, relevant experiences. This customization ability has notably improved the success of our ABM programs."

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