Folloze Launches Personalization Engine

Folloze today launched its Personalization Engine, which leverages data and artificial intelligence (AI) to customize content-based experiences throughout the customer journey.

The Personalization Engine is designed specifically for larger business-to-business companies, which David Brutman, co-founder and chief product officer at Folloze, says have been following in the steps of business-to-consumer companies when it comes to personalization.

"When vendors engage with us, we're looking for them to know who we are, which company we work for, what is our pain point, and so on and so forth," he says. "That level of expectation is something that we see B2C companies have addressed really effectively."

"The ability to deliver experiences that understand the context of the target prospect or customer is going to be key," Brutman adds.

With the Personalization Engine, B2B marketers can design experiences that are based on rich firmographic, behavioral, and intent data and bring personalization to any customer touch point, from awareness to demand generation and sales engagement. It can also be applied to both inbound and outbound campaigns.

The Personalization Engine includes the following capabilities:

  • Real time hyper-personalization of customer experiences, including messaging, content, creative elements, and engagement actions;
  • A personalization rules tool that allows users to map experience elements to any account or contact attribute;
  • Dynamic seller mapping that assigns account managers and account owners to specific campaignsand provides specific account engagement analytics;
  • Hyper personalization for field-driven campaigns initiated by marketing or sales; and
  • AI and data aggregation from a variety of platforms.

Shellie Smith, American account-based marketing lead at Autodesk, a 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software provider, says hyper-personalization is key to her company's go-to-market strategy.

"The biggest challenge is how to execute a personalization strategy that spans across marketing and sales and can scale to thousands of accounts," she said in a statement. "Folloze is uniquely addressing these challenges by delivering a simple-to-use, scalable personalization platform that allows marketing to equip sales with account-specific content for their customer communication, personalized by seller, industry, regions, and customer role. It allows us to run a true marketing-powered sales motion."

Folloze today also announced an integration with Demandbase as part of the launch. The integration allows B2B companies to power Folloze's personalization and orchestration capabilities with Demandbase's account-based marketing platform and targeting solutions.

"This partnership with Folloze offers a combination of two very complementary worlds and is truly unique to all our customers," said Jeff Freeman, vice president of product management at Demandbase, in a statement. "The turnkey integration gives our mutual customers the ability to leverage Demandbase's audience and insights directly in the Folloze platform to deliver personalization at scale. It aligns with our vision at Demandbase of turning our audiences and AI into positive business outcomes across the marketing ecosystem."

That partnership is allowing Folloze to take personalization to another level, according to Brutman.

Basic personalization, he says, involves something as simple as including a prospect's name, company name, or job title in an email campaign.

"What we're talking about are two dimensions of an engine that is very sophisticated," he says.

The first is what Brutman calls "personalization taxonomy," with all the attributes that can be employed to create the specificity. The second dimension is the intelligence behind that, which Brutman calls "hyper-personalization."

"It's very deep to the level of the individual, the situation, the stage of the deal, the business goals of the customer, and it's based on a lot of intelligence," he says.

"That's also, to some extent, why we've partnered with DemandBase: to have a robust platform for account-based marketing use cases, but also specifically for capturing and managing intent data," Brutman elaborates.

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