Spiro Adds Notes Feature to Its CRM Platform

Spiro Technologies has added capabilities to its CRM platform to help companies extract notes and capture action items from calls, emails, or text messages with sales contacts.

Based on advanced natural language processing (NLP), Spiro uses this data to automatically create reminders for salespeople. For example, if a prospect indicates during a phone call, email, or text that he wants to be contacted at the beginning of the new year, the Spiro platform will automatically generate a reminder about the communication as well as what it judges to be the preferred communication method for the first business day the following January.

According to the company, the new capability enables Spiro to make more precise judgments on an organization’s pipeline, giving sales leaders a more accurate forecast. For example, during a call if a salesperson says: "I'll make a note that you need more information on the implementation process," or suggests a date or a time for a follow-up, as mentioned earlier, the platform will include the pertinent details in follow-up communications to the salesperson. The text transcription of the call is also captured so sales leaders can search activity and gain even more insight into team performance.

"This is really a game-changer for Spiro customers, who already use our proactive relationship management platform to improve their sales and close more business," says Adam Honig, CEO and co-founder of Spiro. "With these advanced NLP capabilities, our platform is now adding value directly to salespeople, doing admin-level work for them. It's no longer a science fiction dream for a salesperson to be able to ask Siri, 'What are my action items from today’s calls?' in the car on the way to a meeting."

The AI is designed to make salespeople "super-productive," Honig, adds, pointing to the integration of the AI with the phone system and CRM system, enabling the platform to capture all of the communications between the salesperson and the prospect/customer.

The AI will also learn which type of communication the prospect/customer prefers. If there's not enough history to determine a preference, Honig recommends phone first, followed by email.

"In sales, the pipeline is everything," Honig says. "Our platform ensures that things don't fall out of the pipeline and provides people with the follow-ups to drive deals forward."

According to Honig, a large telecom company that added the Spiro platform for its salespeople saw follow-up communications jump 40 percent, leading to at least one additional deal every month.

"Most studies find that salespeople do too little follow-up, not too much," Honig says, pointing out that the quicker salespeople follow-up, the more likely they are to close the sale.

The Spiro platform will evolve further, according to Honig, adding communications summaries so that salespeople don't need to read full transcripts of sales interactions.

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