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Professional services firms have goals and metrics that are unique to their field. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that support those goals can make a big difference in the company's bottom line. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for everyone in the professional services sector.

CRM Is Good, Even in the Bad Times

Some markets face an uphill climb, but that just makes investing in CRM even more crucial.

How Does Employee Age Impact CRM Usage?

The generation gap rears its ugly head, but there's hope yet.

A New CX Focus Boosts CRM in Professional Services

Firms want to stand out on customer experience, and CRM (and AI) can help.

Five Collaboration Strategies to Power Your CX Transformation

What do successful CX functions do differently? Build coalitions around core business competencies.

It’s Time to Focus on the Metaverse

Virtual worlds will be the most transformative technology in the next decade. Prepare your strategy now.

How May I Help You, Buddy?

Warm personalized service can clash with professional detachment.

Renting the Rubber Room

Apartment hunting reveals what happens behind closed doors

Tracking Touch-Tone Opportunities

Marketing services provider eMediaNode turns to ATG Call Tracking to better serve prospects and customers' customers.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal with Sales

A cloud-based CRM implementation helps a digital sales agency drive its solutions into the future.

Ciena Cozies Up to Its Partners

Community tools from Mzinga help a communications company communicate

The Partner-Proliferation Problem

An on-demand CRM platform involves a partner-selection process as well.

A Salesforce.com by Any Other Name

What do you do when your brand no longer reflects your offerings?

Re:Tooling -- E-Signatures: Sign 'Em Up!

As companies look to cut costs and streamline operations, electronic signatures may be entering a renaissance period.

The Man Who Moved a Paradigm

An evaluation of the changes wrought by Salesforce.com's Marc Benioff.

The Best of the Rest

The Market Awards are done, but there's so much left unmocked!

Channeling My Frustration

Words, words, words. Why don't they mean what they used to?

Managing Social Customers for Profit

A new paradigm calls for a reassessment of an industry metric.

Servicing Software-as-a-Service

Trade-Offs, Part 2 — The Technology Side: "The end of software" doesn't mean the end of software headaches.

New Routes to New Customers

A customer-centric approach for emerging markets.

CRM in the Palm of Your Hand

Three factors are combining to (finally) drive interest in mobile CRM.