Customer Centricity

Obsess About Your Customers, Not Competitors

Immerse yourself in the world of your clients to appreciate their true expectations

Fundamentals Trump Everything

Providing an extraordinary experience should never compromise the basics

Use Social Media Proactively

Leveraging sites like Facebook and Twitter is critical

There’s No Substitute for Experience

A salesperson must make a customer feel as if he must have it

Hosted Contact Centers Poised for Growth

Purse strings loosen on capital spending, which may bring rapid deployments

It’s All About Execution and Measurable Results

Customer experience 2.0 demands more discipline than 1.0

Customer Service Initiatives for 2011

Tough economy erodes customer loyalty, but there are ways to rebuild it

New Tools and Old Mistakes

Contact centers risk wasting powerful technology on the automation of imperfect processes

Location’s Not Really Where It’s At

The danger of uniting location-driven applications and customer interactions

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Enough with the buzzwords and hype. Let's start doing.

The Growth of Social Media in Customer Service

In a space this new there's nowhere to go but up.

When Customer Experience Matters Most

An eruption of volcanic ash leads to an eruption of service mistakes.

The Siebel Effect—And Its Survivors

Failed CRM projects of the past may lead to a promising future.

Postcards from the Edge

Just because you can engage with a community doesn't mean you have to.

Putting the 'Self' in Self-Service 2.0

The real revolution is enabling customers to define their own interactions.

6 Steps to a "Greener" Contact Center

What it means for the contact center to focus on the size of its carbon footprint.

Combine and Conquer

Consolidation can benefit customers and companies alike.

Customers Don’t Buy What You Sell

Your company is more than the sum of its transactions

Contact Center Innovation: What to Expect in 2010

Organizations must change their mission and culture to benefit from new technologies.

Presence Is Accounted For

Is unified communications the next disruptive technology for customer service?