Re:Tooling — Speech Analytics: Seeking What's Inside

Why speech analytics is starting to get a little more than recognition.

Re:Tooling — Email Management: You've Got Mail

Despite fits and starts, many still believe email management solutions can deliver on their promise.

Re:Tooling — Sales Enablement Tools: Make the Selling Simpler

Organizations want sales reps to have access to the right information at the most critical moments

Re:Tooling — Geolocation: Location, Location, Location

To get back to more personalized content, companies are discovering geolocation technologies.

Re:Tooling -- Sales Compensation Management: Always Be Selling

Streamline and automate how sales professionals are compensated so they can focus on what they do best: selling.

Re:Tooling -- E-Signatures: Sign 'Em Up!

As companies look to cut costs and streamline operations, electronic signatures may be entering a renaissance period.

Re:Tooling -- Marketing Campaign Optimization: Optimization for the Masses

When budgets get tight, marketers need to squeeze everything they can out of what's left.

Re:Tooling -- Mobile Service Applications: Beyond the Contact Center Walls

Lucrative return on investment is driving companies — and vendors — to look more closely at mobile service applications.

Re:Tooling -- Predictive Analytics: Keeping a Step Ahead

To cope with the recession, more organizations are looking to predictive analytics for answers.

Re:Tooling -- Partner Relationship Management: Rousing from a Slumber

The PRM market—often seen as a quiet backwater—may be entering a revival, particularly among B2Bs.

Re:Tooling -- Social Networking Platforms: Making Social More Social

Capable of far more than pokes, tweets, and zombies, vendors begin to connect with social software platforms.

Re:Tooling -- Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Dial-Up Innovation

Speech-enabled interactive voice response systems now involve other customer channels.

Re:Tooling -- Knowledge Management: Knowledge (Management) Is Power

The need for knowledge now permeates the enterprise.

Re:Tooling -- Contact Management: Business-Card Shakedown

New applications allowing the electronic exchange of contact information—Web 2.0's answer to traditional cards, or not?

Re:Tooling -- Web Conferencing: Calling Your Conference to Order

No longer a brand-new technology, Web conferencing continues to expand its reach as its capabilities continue to mature.

Tech Solution: Web Self-Service

Business Problem: Customer service representatives are overburdened handling basic inquiries.

Tech Solution: Knowledge Management Tools

Business Problem: Failure to easily locate answers to customer inquiries.

Tech Solution: Predictive Analytics Tools

Business Problem: Identifying future trends and behaviors to boost business.

Tech Solution: Text Mining Tools

Business Problem: Failure to create actionable strategies from unstructured customer data.

Tech Solution: Business-Card Scanners

Business Problem: Managing important business contacts amid a hectic travel schedule.