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You have plenty of customer information. The new frontier is combing through the mass of data from blogs, customer feedback, email, memos, surveys, and Web documents. It’s nearly impossible for employees to assess it all and to identify trends and opportunities. Text mining tools can do the heavy lifting—discovering and extracting selected data from large document collections and pointing out common themes and potential opportunities that you can act on efficiently and with less risk.

Clarabridge Content Mining Platform 3.0

Delivery Model: hosted or licensed

Price: Initial installations range from $10,000 to $15,000 per month. Licensed models start at $350,000. Pricing is a function of the number of feedback sources, volume of responses, and number of users.

Business Benefits: CMP 3.0 provides an enterprise-class platform for customer-oriented analysts across marketing, product, and customer care organizations. It harvests text-based customer feedback including surveys, user forums, and online product reviews. Business users, analysts, and market researchers can explore, organize, and distill insights, sentiment, and root causes to understand customer experiences, product suggestions, and market feedback.

Functionality: The offering mines disparate text-based sources of feedback, stores the transformed data, and connects into the client’s business intelligence software. CMP 3.0 automatically categorizes all comments, understands and displays the sentiment expressed, and reveals emerging trends and significant relationships while permitting the determination of root causes of any issues revealed. The Clarabridge Navigator adds an intuitive guided-discovery interface for analysts and researchers.

Contact: Clarabridge at 1-703-663-2500; or visit www.clarabridge.com.

DataFlux Platform 8.1

Delivery Model: installed software

Price: Enterprise pricing starts at $50,000 and varies according to the number of users and the architecture requirements of the implementation.

Business Benefits: Traditionally, solutions look for records representing duplicated data within each set and then attempt to match the records. This process works well with structured records, but not unstructured data. This platform allows companies to extract value from unstructured customer data as they increasingly combine Web-based data into customer data integration initiatives.

Functionality: Users can accelerate data-management efforts to achieve the highest levels of data governance, compliance, and master data management. Version 8 introduced DataFlux Accelerators—bundles of prebuilt workflows and services designed to reduce implementation time by resolving common problems regarding customer data, product information, or regulatory compliance.

Contact: DataFlux at 1-877-846-3589; or visit www.dataflux.com.

SAS Text Miner

Delivery Model: installed software

Price: Runs on the company's data mining environment, which requires a license—both together start at $58,000.

Business Benefits: SAS Text Miner provides tools for discovering and extracting knowledge from text documents. It transforms textual data into a usable, intelligible format, which facilitates classification, finding explicit relationships or associations, and clustering documents into categories. The solution integrates text-based information with structured data for improved analyses and decision-making.

Functionality: Universal data access enables visibility into textual data in numerous formats, including PDFs, extended ASCII text, HTML, and Microsoft Word. The solution’s self-documenting interface eliminates manual coding with visual diagrams, and process flow can be modified, saved, and shared with others. Text-clustering algorithms enable users to group documents based on content, profile clusters using additional structured data from original documents, and more.

Contact: SAS Institute at 1-800-727-0025; or visit www.sas.com.

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