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Contact center agents are charged with handling various inquiries on a laundry list of products and services. In fact, many of them are flooded with calls from customers about basic information such as account balances, pricing, and simple troubleshooting tips. In the end, these inquiries are running up company costs and forcing a longer wait for consumers with more-complex issues. Save money and decongest your contact center traffic by investing in Web self-service solutions that can field the most commonly asked questions, provide answers, and help customers resolve issues by themselves.

InQuira 8
Delivery Model: Installed software on-premises.
Price: Starts at $250,000 for small-business environments.
Business Benefits: For customers, the solution provides answers with an intent-driven strategy, which improves online search accuracy, minimizes service escalations, and improves online commerce and channel adoption. For business executives yearning for end-user information, the offering provides operational insight through deep analytic understanding.
Functionality: InQuira 8 has a platform centralizing the intelligence of enterprise content, customer insight, community conversations, and powerful analytics, which offers understanding of what customers want. The solution also includes search and intent management, knowledge information, collaboration management, as well as analytics and insight management.
Contact: InQuira at 1-650-246-5000; or visit www.inquira.com.

RightNow Service
Delivery Model: On-demand or on-premises.
Price: Pricing begins at $100 per user, per month with a one-year subscription.
Business Benefits: The offering provides a significantly improved customer experience by giving the customer the option to get quick, correct, and consistent answers via email, live chat, phone, or the Web. As a result of empowering end customers, there are immediate reductions in costs and improvements in efficiency. A self-learning knowledge foundation native to the solution also increases agent productivity.
Functionality: RightNow Service is built around an intuitive knowledge foundation fueling actionable insights in real time to the front lines. Role-based analytics allow standard reports to be refined with a data toolbar, while the on-demand architecture meets mission-critical enterprise standards for speed and performance. The dynamic workspace automatically updates based on actions taken by an agent or information known about a customer.
Contact: RightNow Technologies at 1-866-630-7669; or visit www.rightnow.com.

Talisma Knowledgebase
Delivery Model: On-premises or software-as-a-service (SaaS).
Price: Pricing starts at $500 per month for the SaaS model; the on-premises version has a one-time charge
of $60,000.
Business Benefits: Talisma Knowledgebase delivers instant value and rapid return on investment (ROI). Benefits include reduced call and email volume, positive ROI in less than six months, and increased search accuracy.
Functionality: The solution’s search-and-retrieval methodologies ensure customers receive rapid, accurate, and consistent responses. Easy authoring, robust review workflow, and flexible article access further enhance the offering’s centralized knowledge repository. Reporting tools indicate which articles users have sought and what information is unavailable, driving continuous operational improvements. Talisma Knowledgebase Enterprise Search supports more than 100 languages.
Contact: Talisma, an nGenera company, at 1-800-474-1149; or visit www.talisma.com.

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