Pint of View

Last Call

Our beloved Pint of View columnist toasts the end of an era.

Triple Play or Infield Fly?

Package deals don't always make sense.

The Comeback Trail

So you've got egg on your face. Now what?

Vice Squad

The art of selling things that are bad for you

Waiter, There’s a Frog in My Soup

Customers will put up with a lot, but usually only so much.

You Can’t (Mis)Handle the Truth!

Thoughts on the role of truth in a post-facts world.

The Solution Is the Problem Is the Solution

Tools can cause troubles of their own.

Dueling Trends

Is industry analysis real, or is it doublespeak?

The Internot of Things

Linking machine to machine, separating hype from hope

The ROI of Teamwork

Specialists are important, even when roles overlap

YouTube’s Moment of Silence(ing)

Can a stifled social community survive?

For the Record, Integrated CRM Is Getting Closer

Writing is in everything we do, but we still need to unify systems of record and engagement

Customers Versus KPIs

Remember what's more important to a business

Keeping ’Em on the Team

Customer loyalty in sports is harder than it seems

Dissin’ Franchise

What does the business model mean for customer experience?

Three Little Words

Our lives would be so much easier if we said them more often

Enabling Behavior

We use strange language to describe our applications

Marketing Is Magic!

How else do you make something out of nothing?

People, ________, and Technology

We should re-examine CRM's tripartite nature

Thank You for Your Whatever

Warm feelings help drive satisfying interactions