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Modern CRM based support systems keep sales, marketing, and customer services connected across all of a telecom's many relationships and improve processes across various sales channels. Explore our latest CRM news, analysis, and advice for telecoms.

CRM Is Good, Even in the Bad Times

Some markets face an uphill climb, but that just makes investing in CRM even more crucial.

GenAI’s Time Has Come. Are You Ready?

The hype is over, and the real work of making generative AI has begun.

It’s Time to Focus on the Metaverse

Virtual worlds will be the most transformative technology in the next decade. Prepare your strategy now.

Triple Play or Infield Fly?

Package deals don't always make sense.

Consumers Score a Huge Win

Companies, vendors, and consumers should be prepared to work together to curb the possible misuse of the technology

What Drives a Profitable Customer Experience?

Companies that value customers need to let them know.

Neutering Net Neutrality

Let's put the brakes on a separate, but unequal, future for bandwidth providers.

Customer Experience Management Is on the Road to Maturity

Companies that lag behind must move from 'fluff' to 'tough.'

Nonservice Versus Disservice

There's a difference between doing what you can and doing what you can get away with.

CRM in ‘Pursuit of Shared Goals’

Responding in a way that is mutually beneficial to a company and its customers applies across the enterprise

New Paradigms Bring Value to Knowledge Management

The focus shifts from managing knowledge to empowering people to respond, as seen in online communities

Get Personal or Get Abandoned

To spot customer changes before it's too late, customer interaction strategies must be continually monitored and updated

Future of Contact Centers Clearly Lies in the Clouds

Too compelling to ignore, the benefits include low startup costs and no capital investment

Consumers Power Transformational Marketing

Engaging customers in personalized dialogue replaces pushing messages through mass media

Can I Help You? Can I Help You? Can I Help You?

CRM requires listening, not just speaking

Our New e-Commerce Reality

All's fair in love and war—and retail

Never Underestimate the Power of Traditional Methods

It's not the medium but, rather, how you use it to engage customers that counts

Rx for Social Intelligence Center

Mix skilled workers, listening platform, and measurable objectives

Use Social Media Proactively

Leveraging sites like Facebook and Twitter is critical

Mobile CRM: The Quiet Explosion

Growth is sparked by the iPad's popularity among businesses and the ability to send actionable insights to sales reps